EquiSport News with Les Salzman, July 28, 2017

Equisport News with Les Salzman

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EquiSport News with Les Salzman
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Guest, Maria Borell

EquiSport News with Les Salzman

Guest, Maria Borell

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EquiSport News

Equisport News with Les Salzman
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Les Walker Salzman

EquiSport News with Les Salzman

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Les...Bless you for providing a platform for Ms.Borell to claim her voice as victim to so many circumstances. I'm not sure the interview although will be to her benefit as there are far more people who know her well and have personally been witness to her sociopathic behavior than those who do not know her but feel sorry for her. In other words there is not one person who is a close dear friend that has known her for any length of time that would be a witness to her integrity, honesty and trustworthiness. Too many people cannot be wrong about her because what she did to her beloved horses and Daddy was wrong. No explanation for that no way, no how. Her mistruths, blatent lies, extortion, forgeries, blame, threats...are real. I am a victim of her manipulating. There were o many things of pertinent information that she So conveniently left out of the interview which I find dishonest. I have said this before...I was someone who didn't know Maria Borell but thought she, like everyone, needed a second chance and the benefit of the doubt. I put my name and reputation on the line for her until I had no doubt that she was most of the things people were saying about her were accurate based on my experience with her and her Father. I do wish her a peaceful and happy life but as long as she keeps running from her bounced checks, the repo people for the truck she hasn't paid for, the warrant for her arrest in the state of Kentucky...which she can easily go back and make right...she will always be on the run. She has a long history of taking advantage of people, poor care to rental properties where she has lived, not so good care of horses in her care and lying. Did she mention that she told the owner of the horses she put a lien on that they had died when in fact they hadn't? Who has the money to care for 43 horses? Not her, or her Dad or the people who worked for them. They couldn't even pay them. Thank God people in Kentucky and the racing industry stepped forward and raised $20,000 + to feed the horses they abandoned. Regardless of what she says about turning them over to her Father, that was irresponsible and to show no remorse for their conditions when she was just in Kentucky weeks before they were reported...they didn't get that bad in weeks...is ludicrous. I wish she would have told ALL of the story or you had a call in because she is not forthright. I honestly think she believes her lies which is text book sociopathic. I too would hope that somebody would give Maria a shot but unfortunately she has not proven to be a good bet. Sad really.

She is a liar-letting her dad take the blame. Funny she says she "had no idea" -he would call her while she was sitting on my sisters couch and cry to her he had no money to feed them and she didn't didn't care !! She's going to hell for what she's done and I hope people see right through those crocodile tears! Nothing she said was true. She didn't tell you about the remains of dead horses found on HER FARM or the rent she didn't pay or the employees that were paid with bad checks or not at all or the fake liens or the horses she claimed were dead and then bills an unsuspecting owner for 27,000. She is pathetic

Valhalla Jack... nobody appreciates your sarcastic and agressive tone here, it's not helpful to anything but your ego. "Bless you" for coming in here to regurgitate all the old news articles about the Borells we've all already read a hundred times. I've never met Maria, but I've followed the story, on BOTH sides, and I know enough to know the truth: that she is not to blame for so much. You obviously hate her, which sounds like something you should take up with her personally. Seriously, contact her if you hate her so much, instead of trolling the internet to spew your opinion everywhere. You are trying to cover up your hate by sounding "reasonable" when it is actually very clear that you are getting some kind of sick revenge jolly off your comments, and it discredits you completely. What do you want from her anyway? If it's just that she "own up" to something, I have read that she is trying her hardest to pay all debts and save up for a lawyer to take care of the remaining legal obligations in Kentucky. She is struggling, however, because the current legal fees, combined with the media circus that singled her out and blew everything out of proportion, fueled by trolls like you, which have made it more difficult for her to find work. It's a catch-22 situation. I'm sure you are happy to hear that, as you berate the woman for not taking care of things while you simultaneously tie her hands. You enjoy torturing people? That plus the fact you can't hear the obvious remorse and sadness in her interview, pretty much proves that YOU are the sociopaths. Go away, and give the woman some time to set things right. Or actually, feel free to comment more, try to put me in my place. Tell us your own victim story, and be sure to embellish it so she sounds like a supernatural demon. All your viciousness makes it all meaningless emotional bile. The bottom line is that Maria is a hard-working and brilliant trainer and a true animal lover. I for one will be looking forward to the day she gets a chance to prove herself again, and outshines all of your hate.

I think this is Maria acting like it's someone else. I've heard some of those sentences before from HER. Plus she is notorious for this type of incognito mode of operation.

Do you really think you know everything all the time? Last I checked, my name ain't Maria. Just been a fan since the day she proved herself as a trainer, and I follow the story on both sides. Your accusation is making me very upset. YOU must be one of the bigots who thinks the whole internet is your own little revenge playground. It's not. Your tirade comments are quite obviously personal. And this kind of thing should be dealt with in messages between you two, not splattered across the internet. And whatever happened, give her some time to make amends. I'm sick to death of reading your hate everywhere. Obsession is a disorder. Get treatment for goodness' sake. Talk to Jesus if you can.

Helheim. Well since I live at Valhalla I know what that means...fitting. realm of Death. I talk with Jesus often. Make amends? I WISH. Hate? Hardly. Infuriated. Yes. Messages? Many. Do I think I know everything all the time? No but I know you have your feelings, thoughts and emotions about Ms. Borell and so do I so let's leave it at that. Be blessed Helheim.