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Petty controversy: Is Obama fleeing the country? *LINK* *PIC*

From today's free daily URBAN SURVIVAL Column by George Ure, here:  http://urbansurvival.com/week.htm


2) Since we are now about a month from being in the midst of the 'release' date and tipping point in predictive linguistics, it's just damn interesting that the president will be out of the country for 12 days right after the elections leading some sites to wonder things like "Petty controversy: Is Obama fleeing the country?" which focuses more on political developments while our concerns remain mostly in the financial arena.  I'm also being told by sources of other key PTB moves (by people who don't like to be in the headlines themselves) who are quietly going to trips out of country - something that wouldn't happen if the events of next month are to be purely political and not extend across a wider spectrum of human affairs...



Petty controversy: Is Obama fleeing the country?

Obama will be flying to India just two days after the midterm elections — leading some bloggers to conclude he's eager to avoid the fallout from a "Democratic bloodbath"

Obama is planning a 12-day trip to India immediately following the midterm elections.

Obama is planning a 12-day trip to India immediately following the midterm elections. Photo: CC BY: The White House SEE ALL 47 PHOTOS

Best Opinion:  MichelleMalkin.com, The Times of India

The controversy: After moving up a scheduled trip to India next month, President Obama will be leaving for Mumbai on November 4, just two days after the midterm election — which at least one blogger has interpreted as "more evidence Obama knows there will be a Democratic bloodbath at the polls." Obama, says Thomas Lifson at The American Thinker, clearly wants to "get out of Dodge" to avoid "recriminations." Obama will also visit Indonesia, Japan, and South Korea during the 12-day trip, one of the longest tours in his presidency so far.
The reaction:
Where's "the most dangerous place to be standing just after the November election"? asks Doug Powers at MichelleMalkin.com. "Between President Obama and the nation's emergency exit doorway." The president is getting out of the country as soon as the polls are closed. Actually, bringing the trip forward means that Obama will be in India for the celebrations on Diwali night, says Chidanand Rajghatta at The Times of India. Fans of "better India-U.S. ties" ought to "save some of those firecrackers" for Obama's arrival.




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Petty controversy: Is Obama fleeing the country? *LINK* *PIC*
maybe something similar or 'reversed' is prepared for 11-9-2010 compared to 9-11-2001 ... if you look at the numbers and think of cabbalah and such: the 1 the 2 the 9 and the 11 for TWIN towers.
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