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Transdimensional Jump Point Approaching Fast *LINK* *PIC*

October 7, 2010

The Shift of Ages Series #10: Transdimensional Jump Point Approaching Fast

Hello everysoul!

Please, pay attention to this one. There is much of great importance herein. There is a good hint in the title - I distinctly heard the words "Transdimensional Jump Point" at the end of a recent powerful dream and it feels appropriate to include them here...

That's all I wish to say for now ... aside from my other comments below ;-)

Please do not hesitate to network widely what feels right to you.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Well, once again, a compilation that piques many responses within. One of interest in so many ways is the subject of human enhancement and transhumanist ethics. So much good with potential for so much harm. We haven't gotten right yet dealing what we already have. How can we take this leap without leaving natural humans as a pile of garbage to be burned or buried in the local refuse dump? All of the funding for this type of improvement could be used to address the myriad of issues we already face as natural humans in a beautiful world where a response from the heart could really change us into super humans!"

- Suzanne Sjogren (sjogren@mwt.net) - Taken from the ERN guestbook -- Commenting on this article in my last compilation.

"At the level of higher consciousness, people everywhere are awakening to Truth. I'll bet that even the International Bankers, some of them, are beginning to awaken. They can't help it. The lights are coming on all over. All that has been hidden, all the secret conspiracies are being revealed. Yes, many still buy into the propaganda of mainstream news agencies controlled by the elite cabal, but the truth is descending like a deluge that is sweeping the world with tsunami force. The truth is, we have always been free and sovereign; we simply used our freedom and power to experience the other possibility: LACK, and slavery to illusions. Of course lack is not possible from the higher perspective. That's why it's an illusion. There is no separation... never has been! As Ian Lundgold reminded us again and again in his lectures: "We are on a schedule!" He said that by February 2011, ethics and integrity would overtake the power structure on our planet as the eighth step in the evolution of consciousness in the current "game" of creation. I believe and hope that Texe's article is indicative of this; and that those who could see Obama as a double agent sent by "heaven" to overturn the illusion just may be correct. Whatever the timing, I KNOW that we are co-creating a new world. (That's the ninth and final step in this evolutionary cycle: conscious co-creation.) Yes, there remains intrigue and drama. We love that. It makes it exciting, although some choose to experience the energy of the mystery as fear rather than excitement. That IS something that no one can control for you. We each choose how we react to our perception of our environment. Can you see the good in all the turmoil? Can you recognize the lights coming on? Can you allow for the possibility that we really are on the threshold of a Golden Age? Can you see that all the various ways we have divided ourselves into opposing groups has only been a game we created together, a play we wrote in which we forgot that we were its creators?"

- Ron Van Dyke (paradoxman@cfl.rr.com) -- Taken from Time to Speak Out: How I See it

"May I open ever more to the flow and the miracle of this sacred moment. May I open ever more to the subtle whisperings of Spirit and of my heart. May I frequently stop, connect with all of us, and breathe the Web of Love. Your sacred love flows into me. My sacred love flows out to you. May I recognize and acknowledge judgment, competition, and arrogance when it arises in me, and then choose to transform it into acceptance and love. May I see both the unique beauty and divine essence within you in this very moment. You are so awesome! We are so awesome! May I be real and authentic in my interactions with myself and with all around me. When I find myself in a rush, may I stop until I’m ready to move from my heart. When I’m overly serious, may I find ways to tickle my heart to joy and laughter. May I recognize fear as an invitation to growth. In connecting with others, may my last thought always be that of love."

- Fred Burks -- Taken from My Life Intentions & Life Purpose (More on finding one's life purpose and clarifying one's life intentions HERE)

"So we of the Galactic Federation are ready to as you term it, to go public and have agreed a plan that makes everyone satisfied. All along we have taken a careful approach, as it has been essential that we be viewed for what we stand for. We are clear that our intervention will be one of co-operation, and we shall observe your protocol. We shall lead because the operations that are concerning Earth, shall require advanced understanding and knowledge that is presently beyond you. However, we will share such information and invite some of you to take an active part in the proceedings. We want you to quickly lift up to our levels of knowledge, as you do have a mind that is capable of comprehending advanced technology. To some extent contact in the with the Greys in the U.S. has paved the way for this time, as you have already been given a head start over some countries. Our knowledge will however be given freely without strings attached, as what we have to share is for the benefit of everyone. Great times are approaching and as you near the end of this year, you have every right to at last expect some action. All of the time our allies have been setting the scene for the awaited announcement, and it appears to be almost ready to go ahead. We are as excited and relieved as you are about the immediate period of time. It has been a long time coming, and we go back thousands of years monitoring your evolution and caring for Mother Earth. It has been a labor of our love for mankind, and a service in the name of the Creator. For obvious reasons you are at present the focus of our attention, but we are on call to any civilization throughout the Universe. Our lives are extremely interesting and rewarding, and we have experienced so many surprises as we explore the far away areas of Space. The future is so bright for you, and what a contrast it will be to what you have been used to. It is somewhat like the higher astral dimensions of Earth, and freedom from all of the bothersome drudgery of being a human in the 3rd dimension. You have not really experienced such a level of freedom, happiness and joy except for brief moments in your life. Can you imagine the relief of removing your worries of how to survive, provide your sustenance and shelter? What it would be like to be totally healthy and without any form of disability, well Dear Ones that is just part of what you have to look forward to in the higher dimensions. No worrying problems about money, as it is unnecessary when all of your needs are freely provided for. We cannot do justice with words to what you are about to experience, but the word paradise comes to mind. Remember these things if the going gets tough, as it will all prove worthwhile in the end."

- SaLuSa - Taken from his October 6, 2010 message - Much MUCH more below in Retired NORAD Officer's New Book Predicts a Tentative Worldwide UFO Display on October 13, 2010 - a MUST read!


1. Retired NORAD Officer's New Book Predicts a Tentative Worldwide UFO Display on October 13, 2010
2. Obama Deplores World Poverty: Welcome to the Theatre of Absurd
3. Localism vs Globalism: Two World Views Collide
4. In Struggle With The American Mind
5. Marching in Gandhi's footsteps
6. This Is Starting To Get Very Real: Agricultural Commodity Prices Have Exploded
7. Giant Spaceships Heading Towards Earth


Imagine... A world united, no boundaries, no borders, one country, one nation, where humanity lives like a family, in a variety of villages and communities, exchanging the prosperity of their diversity and creativity...

Imagine... A planetary union of human communities, a world federation of villages, where human beings live free, autonomous, complying with the Law of Love and listening to the inner voice of consciousness...

Imagine... All dividing walls and mirrors of ego already gone, the time of national states and nationalism over the labyrinth of bureaucracy vanished, the race of competition finished, the racial, religious, ethnical divisions and measures gone, forever...

Imagine... A global celebration... People together living life with joy, practicing peace, exchanging love gifts, creating art, caring for nature, expressing gratitude and appreciation, giving services to one another, sharing rejoicing and celebrating the Oneness of the whole world...

Jai Jagat is the vision you get when you see nature as your home, temple and country and humanity as your family and nation...

Jai Jagat is the perception you get when you open your spiritual eyes and see that the future is in the present that the change that all expect is only a shift of consciousness, a change of focus in our vision.

Thank you for doing your part, right from the center of your heart.


More on this HERE. This was typed from the picture shown at the top of my last compilation by ERN subscriber Rick Johnson (mantis1111@hotmail.com) who wrote: "Thank you for all the time, energy and love you spend and put into your wide-ranging, inspirational and informative compilations! I was inspired especially by the Jai Jugat vision you featured recently. I think/feel that these are powerful thoughts, images and concepts that can benefit us greatly if we really feel them and let these ideas sink deeply into our bones and consciousness. I added a Sufi-inspired image of the Heart and Wings, to give flight to our heart's fondest desire: that we can all live, love and share a wonderful, harmonious, creative, soul-satisfying life together on this beautiful planet!" Check also Wonderland 2012 by Kundalini, his band's excellent new inspiring ambient music available for listening online - 60 minutes of instrumental mystic bliss as it's correctly described there.


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