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The ORIGINS of WATERBOARDING -- Some Obscure But Enlightening Historical Facts... *VID*

When certain acts are committed in history, the producers, directors and players are important Clues, but IMO it's WHO Commissions those acts that's MOST important (not always the producer), otherwise, history keeps repeating itself -- along with those same kinds of acts -- over and over again...

There are many methods of Torture being used worldwide, so why did the Bush Administration & the Pentagon choose 'Waterboarding' as their pet method of which they seemed so proud and were so quick to defend?  Has Obama really stopped this practice and if so, why has no one in the Bush Administration & the Pentagon been brought to Justice?  Could it be that TPTB gave the Green Light to the U.S. Gov't & Military to use this particular torture, because MAYBE *they* Control the World Court and *their* word is LAW...and they wouldn't want to run the risk of any public Exposure of any little hidden Facts...or Clues as to WHO is Controlling the U.S. Gov't & the Pentagon...?


Some Obscure But Enlightening Historical Facts About Waterboarding


What Waterboarding Is


The Torturer (Trailer)
A military interrogator returns from Iraq with Acute Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  In a Post 9-11 World, No One Can Hear You Scream.  A New Kind of Terror...


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