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On the Web Bot Prediction of November 8 to 11th being a major "tipping point"... *PIC*

From George Ure's Daily "Urban Survival Column" today... http://urbansurvival.com/week.htm


If November 8 is the "Real Deal"...

Our focus this week is personal strategic planning because we are now just 5-weeks out from what predictive linguistics informs us is a high probability a 'tipping point'.  If you think this is something to be taken lightly, I'll remind you: The last tipping point we had in Clif's data over at www.halfpasthuman.com was back in the summer of 2001 which was what?  60-days in advance of the Twin Towers attacks of 9/11.  this one looks to be 10-1000 times larger in its impact.  So this week, a review of what some of the possibilities are, but even more importantly, a start on personal planning to be ready for whatever the event is - just in case this tipping turns out orders of magnitude greater than the 9/11 tipping point in 2001...since that's what it looks like right now.


Coping: With Problems of Rickety Time Machines

There's a critical story developing in Europe which will fill in many of the linguistic expectations of the old rickety time machine - the predictive linguistics project at www.halfpasthuman.com - since this particular story fulfills so many of the linguistics that have been 'harmonizing' around the core concept on "un-natural natural disasters", a metadata/meta set that included not only the Gulf oil spill, but which has for many reports, which  also included a continuing string of references to dam failure.


Here's a snip from the March 3, 2010 "Shape of Things to Come report (with exclusive permission to post):

"Note that the [mud flows] fall within both the [natural disaster] descriptor set supporting layers as well as being a primary support for [un-natural (humans contributing to) disasters].  These [un-natural natural disasters] are also showing as being a particular problem over July through August."

Which might - at first blush - seem like a badly timed prediction, but no, an inspection of 'news history' shows that was all met by the torrential rains over summer and the flooding of south/central America.


Oh - silly me - I keep forgetting most people don't have the same level of news/event sensitivities, but the long and short of this is that in Hungary, a dam in the hills which holds back something in the low millions of cubic meters of toxic sludge has been breached in flooding and this ought to hit the second longest river in Europe - the Danube - in about four days.


May not seem like a 'big deal' yet, but this will eventually impact perhaps more than a million people as this slurry of cadmium, arsenic and other heavy metals seeks to descend to it's lowest level.


When Clif calls me up and says "Dude, we have our temporal marker from a couple of reports back - so this means we could be a week or so from the price of silver moving up $5 a day..." I get the idea, even when at my tired & thick-headed best.


The Gravity of Our Situation:  Since we're talking about gravity, a couple of snippets as 'thought model's might be useful when considering time, pending events, and how the future operates: 


Picture, if you will, a series of canyons starting very high up in the mountains.

  These canyons are arranged (as valleys with deep vee's to them) in such a way that a large boulder that's perfectly round would begin at the top and due to gravity would seek a lower level.  So as it comes down the first vee-shaped canyon, it comes to a perfect wall.


At this way, the large round boulder could equally go right, or left...just as happens with Schrödinger's cat, where the odds are exactly 50-50 that the ball will roll right -- or left -- and this is precisely the moment when time may be influenced.  There's a moment - as with Schrödinger - that the merest whisper of influence (awareness of observers with focused intent, or seemingly small acts) change a future outcome almost effortlessly.


Somewhere along in here, you may be asking "Is that why those secret society people - and perhaps even the rumored child-sacrificing dark forces gathering - hold strange ceremonies which seem not to make sense?  Could be, after all, if there's an inflection point where the ball could tip either way unperceived by most, then at least from a quantum expectation level morphing an expectation into shared objective reality would, at that critical instant, be easiest to achieve.  Especially if there are few others invested in that moment.


Could be why prayer/meditation/desire/intent work only some of the time; just an observation in passing.  The trick is to see the boulder at that moment where it's come down a valley and to a wall, where gravity and chance are closest to 50-50 - and administer the little expectation-powered nudge where it may have maximum influence.


Now that the dam has burst in Hungary, the odds of $5-day jumps in silver shortly have just gone up.


The November 8-11 Problem:  One more insight to share from my conversations with Clif yesterday, since people are writing in asking "What else can you tell us about this November 8-11 tipping point?"


Here's the analogy which fits especially well since we're off next Thursday morning right after posting time on our trip out to the wild west.


Imagine yourself driving across the plains and way off in the distance you see a mountain and what looks like a horizontal white line on it.  You come not that this line is white and solid looking and fairly long.


As you keep driving, the line seems to be more and more solid-looking.  Deciding to investigate even further, you turn off the freeway and drive up to the side of the mountain where this horizontal line is.


But, a funny thing happens as you approach.  One half of the 'line' seems to be solid but the other half is made up of picket-fence kinds of white posts.


turns out each one of these has a name - some are grouped as 'natural disasters - terra entity, and other carry other labels which might go to the idea of war.  So the interesting thing about this period is that while it looks like it's around 50-percent driven by the events in finance/Death of the Dollar meme, it also looks like we could have more (or more) 8+ (or certainly large loss earthquakes) by the end of the year and in addition, all kinds of other  bad-nasties, too.


So as Clif works on his report (expected in the October 20 kind of range) not muck point doing anything other than picturing that rolling round rock coming down a mountain valley come to an area where it's about to sail out of a valley and into a very deep ravine or Grand Canyon kind of thing.  Since we're going to be chased ahead of events, our focus is to be ready to jump ahead of the events and hope to clear them as they come crashing after us.


Oh - a reader sent this of interest, too...

On HDNet, Tuesday, October 5th, they ran a show regarding the suspected 1942 crash site of the Coast Guard ‘Duck’ plane. Could this be part of the [odd military/government personnel movements] that will find [past civilizations remnants], as mentioned in The Shape of Things to Come report (p. 27) of August 15, 2010?  There were military personnel (US Coast Guard) and  North South Polar

( http://www.northsouthpolar.com/ ), including a geophysicist and a wide variety of electronic ground scanners, high-tech ice melting machines, and other devices to look deep into the ice. They did not find the plane, but left equipment and made plans to return.

Curiouser and curiouser...especially since there's been that long-running rumor of secret Nazi bases in the Antarctic.  Note the typo in the article they means 1938 not 1838...nice to know I'm not the only one to make typos, LOL


Smart Readers-Future Research Dept.

A well-informed reader caught my drift in yesterday's discussion of 'noise floors' and offers some pointers for future thinking and research:


Interesting post on "noise floors."

I first heard of pink noise from a brilliant mathemagician in the Air Force Research Lab, Dr. Dan Repperger, who sadly passed before his time last Dec. Dan found that if you injected the right kind of pink noise into the feedback loop between a pilot and his plane, you could actually enhance his performance.

Army mathemagician Bruce West has taken this quite a bit further.

West's attached review paper, while very long, is a good read. If you don't read any other part, begin in section 8.1. In essence what he says is, if you have two complex networks, and you match parameters in the 1/f-noise, you can open up an informational channel between the two networks. West's approach to nonlinearity, cycles, and complex networks, has very broad application.

For instance, he has reviewed extant climate change models, and found that everybody underestimates the role of the sun. I showed West's papers to Franz Halberg, and he applied his computational approaches to the solar data, finding what he calls that darned BEL-cycle. See the earlier paper I sent you that Halberg and I wrote on Charles Egeson, who is the "E" in BEL.

The other thing about West's approach is that he excoriates the traditional Western medicine, particularly for its underlying assumption that statistical distributions are mostly Bell Curves, and for ignoring the fractal nature of most physiological parameters.

The other piece of West's Complexity Matching Effect suggests that 1/f-noise matching can affect human physiology, and by extension social and economic activity. Halberg notes that while he sees evidence of the BEL cycle in solar activity, he also sees it in climate data, but ALSO in long-term human physiological data. He and several Japanese researchers have over sixty years of ambulatory blood pressure data. Halberg himself has probably collected ten years of blood pressure measurements on himself. The ambulatory BP monitor takes a reading every thirty minutes. He and his research staff can then do the math to determine whether there are satistically valid long-term cycles in that data. Every physician knows you have a circadian, diurnal rhythm in your blood pressure. Halberg invented the term "circadian." What most don't know is that you have 11-year, 33-year, 45-year, and other cycles in those same data.

Halberg and Japanese collaborators, every summer for seven days, have collected community ambulatory BP data in the Moshiri Japan region. It has been part of an effort to understand better the relationship between blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. Now by an interesting coincidence, a Japanese researcher named Hayakawa, has been looking at Schumann Resonance and other geophysical data, to see if it can be used for accurate earthquake prediction modeling. So about twenty years ago, Hayakwa convinced the Japanese government to build a Schumann Resonance observatory up in Moshiri.

Working with Hayakawa and Halberg, a young Japanese researcher named Gen Mitsutake found that Schumann Resonance seems to affect the 7-day ambulatory blood pressure recordings. This makes perfect sense, because the key Schumann Resonance frequencies also coincide with several physiological resonant frequencies, including alpha brainwaves, and some key cardiac resonant frequencies around the same 7.8 Hz range.

In talking with Hayakawa, Halberg, and Mitsutake, they all seem to agree that if there is a rational explanation for how "SpaceGoatFarts" could affect human physiology, it is probably through something like West's 1/f-noise, Complexity Matching Effect.

When the sun goes crazy, we go crazy.'

Then again, some of us won't have to go anywhere - already there.  Still, I will pass along the papers and the notion to Clif because it may be that since all complex interactions are linked (as operating in a shared/bounded environment) that the matching of 1/f-noise parms may be of use.  I put this note up because the mere idea of matched 1/f-noise parms will may drive some interesting concepts in psychology and so forth, which could naturally flow from 'noise parameter matching' in interpersonal relationships...hmmm...


Also holds promise for an approach to maximizing intelligibility of noise-floor level signals if 1/f-noise were matched in a DSP-framework where multiple diversity inputs were in play.  Could have startling implications for noise floor reductions...


Then there's the question about what's under the noise floor in the ultrasonic range where purposed EVP results are found?  More coffee!!


Pied Pies Dept.

Here's one of those "in the eye of the beholder" stories:  "Pumpkin farms profit with odd, ugly varieties".


Other day here at the ranch, Panama brought home a sweet potato pie.   As luck would have it, the competition in the dessert section of the fridge was a NY-style cheesecake.  There's still a slice of sweet potato pie left...not a political statement, just a matter of taste....although reminds me if you're going to be doing pies for spooky day that there ain't no squash or potato family of pie that can't benefit from 2-3 shots of spiced rum (brandy in a pinch)  before baking it.


"Three for the baker, one for the pie.  Three for the baker...Three for the that baker....hmmm...shay, whersh thad pie?


I don't do pumpkin anymore.  But I have a lingering question from childhood that's never been clear.  What did the children's tale mean about the piper being 'pied'?  Was it just multicolored clothing?  WTF kind of stupid word use is that?  Then again, I'm still trying to figure out how that peck of peppers could possibly have been pickled before being picked by Peter Piper who changed his name from Peter Cessna....


Such is the life of a half-watt. Or, life's a Beech...



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