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Aah... the White House ... in Moscow? :D *PIC*


Mighty White House in Moscow

compared to
Little OSama npi Barracks in Washington DC

As to flags over The White House in Catholic Columbia, Washington:

Mooslim Flag? This One?

OMG ... better ... THIS one?

Or maybe - by Allah, the most merciful, in the end - this one?

googlesearch for Jewish Flag 15,6 million results
googlesearch for Islamic Flag 10,7 million results

IMO (in the end aka rear-end)
so-called 'religious feelings' might express kind of 'anal fixation'

Doesn't it sound like 'pain in the ass' when

... little baphomet god(goat) is drilling for submission and obedience?

"Drill Bapho drill, all laa ahh aah!"

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Muslim Cleric Declares – “The Flag of Islam Will One Day Fly Over the White House” *VID* *PIC*
Aah... the White House ... in Moscow? :D *PIC*
He said Specifically the White House in Amerika, HOWEVER, if the Russians want to Capitulate to the Caliphate -- Let 'em... :D *NM*
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