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REPORT: "Luciferian Masters" about to release what the Pentagon refers to as "the gods of the Sumerians"; ET Disclosure IS Eminent, but Be Careful What You Wish For... *PIC*

...What you LISTEN to...AND What you SPEAK...

Babylonian, Dead for Millennia, Now Online


LONDON — The language of the Epic of Gilgamesh and King Hammurabi has found a new life online after being dead for some 2,000 years.

Academics from across the world have recorded audio of Babylonian epics, poems, and even a magic spell to the Internet in an effort to help scholars and laymen understand what the language of the ancient Near East sounded like.

The answer? Cambridge University's Martin Worthington told The Associated Press that it's "a bit like a mixture of Arabic and Italian."

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Sumerian Language Caution


As the Fallen ones and the Giants and Demons are released, it should come as no surprise that this Story should be released now. Many of the Giants have been placed in a State of Stasis or Suspended animation for thousands of years. The Pentagon refers to these entities as "The gods of the Sumerians". Currently massive efforts are underway to awaken and release the Progeny of Hell by their "Luciferian Masters" in order to bring these monsters on the scene at this time. It should be obvious that  the "Fallen Ones" and their Demons didn't speak English at the time of their "Sealing." They were imprisoned by the Mercy of God, out of his love for Human Beings, in the Abyss and/or sealed in caves, caverns and in underground "HIVES". This is a huge heads up as the time of their appearing is HERE! Also all of the massive UFO sightings around the world should be seen as ancillary evidence that the Grand announcement THAT "WE ARE NOT ALONE" IS EMINENT! Christians are urged to seek God for His Wisdom and understanding of these days with all that is within them and become active participants in Spiritual Warfare through THE BLOOD OF JESUS. Remember these are the entities that Jesus was referring to when he stated that "Just as in the Days of Noah" so will be the days preceding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ after the last 3.6 years reign of Antichrist on Earth. —Steve Quayle

October 4, 2010
Sue B.


I have been up all weekend and unusually distressed about the recent and curiously TIMELY 'resurrection' of the Sumerian/Babylonian language:

Academics from across the world have recorded audio of Babylonian epics, poems, and even a magic spell to the Internet in an effort to help scholars and laymen understand what the language of the ancient Near East sounded like.

There was a reason that God destroyed Babel...Europe's Parliament Bldg. in Brussels is a representation of the Tower and the EU is on HIGH ALERT.

The movie, "The Fourth Kind" (which many say is a hoax) is about abduction events in Nome, Alaska in the 1970's.  Specifically the alien abductors were communicating with various residents in ANCIENT SUMERIAN.

Would you consider posting the following warning? There is NO NEED to reference me, but people need to realize what can happen through resonance via speaking and hearing -  a specific area to which you have, rather singularly, been at the forefront in educating all of us for years...

Sue B.

BEWARE, and warn others of 'unknown' possibilities.

There is an exponentially LARGER problem regarding the availability to read and HEAR the recent publication of ancient Sumerian/Babylonian on the Internet, and I would recommend that curiosity just might literally kill the 'curious cat.' Many will have access to recordings themselves and some will try to repeat [speak] them.

This is extraordinarily dangerous, and the curious, incl. New Age, pagan and even Christian, might be TEMPTED to listen. God alone knows what is exactly being said that might be using this resonance to summon or allow entrance, and many will, unwittingly, listen to hear. There most likely is a trigger communication frequency within this language as well.
The EARGATES are the first line of attack: in John Bunyan's The Holy War: The Battle for Mansoul.  Robert Maguire's commentary (1863) says this of the EARGATES:

This was the gate of audience, and through this gate the words of the tempter must penetrate, if the temptation is to be successful.  INTO THE EARS of our first mother did the wily serpent whisper the glozing words of his seductive wiles and through the Ear-gate, he assailed her heart and won it. To give audience to the tempter is the next step to yielding up obedience to his will.

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Release the Demons - Dream

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