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The Spanish phrase 'la nota' translates to 'the note' in English. Anymore translations? Gracias por usar ChaCha!





The Moral Argument

   The Argument Stated

This argument asserts first of all the moral nature of man. That is, we have a sense of right and wrong - what we ought and ought not to do. We feel justified when we do what we think is right and condemned when we do what we think is wrong.






Since we follow moral law, it can be inferred that there must be a Lawgi













 So now we are entering an entirely new cycle of evolution. You might ask, "so why do we need to remember our past experience if we are about to experience a new reality"? That is a very valid question and one which must be answered before we can proceed into our new experience. My answer is that we must learn how to learn, no matter where we go next. The unbroken transmission from the learned to the unlearned is a natural obligation of having a life. Learning is the process of interpreting our reality. Without the process there would be no need for experience. And even a rock has consciousness. We know because it knows how to be a rock. It follows all the laws of rock ness, in the context of The Law we all must follow, the Law of Nature.






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