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Ism this and ism that and ism what have you's *LINK*

Thomism is the philosophical school that arose as a legacy of the work and thought of St. Thomas Aquinas, a devout Catholic priest. The word comes from the name of its originator, whose Summa Theologica was one of the most influential documents in medieval philosophy and continues to be studied today in philosophy classes. In the encyclical Doctoris AngeliciPope St. Pius X cautioned that the teachings of the Church cannot be understood scientifically without the basic philosophical underpinnings of Thomas's major thesis:


The capital theses in the philosophy of St. Thomas are not to be placed in the category of opinions capable of being debated one way or another, but are to be considered as the foundations upon which the whole science of natural and divine things is based; if such principles are once removed or in any way impaired, it must necessarily follow that students of the sacred sciences will ultimately fail to perceive so much as the meaning of the words in which the dogmas of divine revelation are proposed by the magistracy of the Church.[1]

The Second Vatican Council described Thomas's system as the "Perennial Philosophy."[2]


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Ism this and ism that and ism what have you's *LINK*
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