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Love it. Smiling indeed! Tastes like Worcestersauce [spelled 'woostasauce'] Cheers :)

Factually correct with the name 'van Gogh' the 'gh' in Flemish (Dutch) is spelled more like a German 'ch' in your palate as in Hebrew or Suisse language. A strange snarling sound you normally don't create in English, only when you have a sore throat and try to scratch some slime to spit out - enough explained?

In German 'Gogh' usually is (mis)spelled like 'gog' in English and now for your liking, with the original correct spelling you could create two more sensationally biblical phrases - you got it already - namely

Gog & Magog

now you could add to the list:

Mother of Vincent van Gogh: Ma Gog(h)

whereas for Gog(h) alone

I have no clue


thanks for the smiles

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Family Tree of Vincent Van Gogh... (Now we know) :O
Love it. Smiling indeed! Tastes like Worcestersauce [spelled 'woostasauce'] Cheers :)
Oh Ma Gog(h)! :D That was a Good one! Interesting man - Van Gogh. I love the Vibrant Colors in his paintings... *NM*
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