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Miss Him Yet? Bush NSA Chief CONFIRMS Bush Tried to Bring 100,000 Palestinian Muslims to U.S. *PIC*

By Debbie Schlussel...and personally, I think she's tellin' it just like it was & is...

September 28, 2010

Bush NSA Chief CONFIRMS Bush Tried to Bring 100,000 Palestinian Muslims to U.S.


Yup, George W. Bush–the same guy who tried to do the same stuff against Israel that Obama is trying to do against Israel now, but didn’t get an ounce of conservative faux-outrage over it.  Israel and anti-Israel former Bush National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley confirms that Bush and Hadley tried to bring 100,000 Palestinian “refugees” to America.  Hadley admitted to the Jerusalem Post that the U.S. was going to bring in the refugees but claims he had no idea how many we would absorb. Oh, that’s even more comforting–the sky’s the limit for HAMAS supporting terrorism enablers on U.S. shores collecting benefits.

You see, Bush so badly wanted to push Israel to further self-amputation (and a Bush Nobel Peace Prize), that he was willing to further amputate America’s borders and national security by bringing even more Palestinian Muslim refugees than the few thousand he already brought here each year after 9/11...


Miss Him Yet?: Bush NSA Chief Confirms Bush Tried to Bring 100,000 Palestinian Muslims to U.S.


Olmert: U.S. Was Ready to Absorb 100,000 Palestinian Refugees

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