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HAARP: The Real "Star Wars" *LINK* *PIC*


Rumors have circulated about the HAARP Project ever since it
opened it doors two decades ago, yet the HAARP facility in
Alaska tries to project a clean-cut, down-home image, with
their annual open-house parties.

The rumors -- and the patents -- describe HAARP not as some
irrelevant backwoods lab but, rather as *the hotbed* of the the
most high-tech weaponry on Earth, with applications in "weather
warfare," "tectonic warfare" and "mass brainwave entrainment"
-- amid a host of imaginative uses of ELF and scalar weapons.

Although the voiceover in this clip is a bit halting, it's
still the most straightforward and informative video that I
have ever seen about HAARP and the history of this facility.



- Alexandra

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Alexandra Bruce
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