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Stuxnet: The word 'stick' is stuck in my mind... :O *PIC*

If the Devil is in the Details, then DECEPTION is in the OBVIOUS.  I look at what the whole World is being led to BELIEVE...and then I discard it -- as being a LIE.  As for the Sneaky, Snakey, little Stuxnet Worm -- IMO -- the OBVIOUS Culprit is ISRAEL, then the GERMAN GOVERNMENT (because of Siemens), however, Germany seems to be more of a TARGET than a Culprit in this case of 'computer sabotage'? -- so I personally Discard BOTH of those as THE Culprit.  I consider the possibility of this being a 'False Flag' attack by the Iranian Government because many people KNOW Iran ALREADY POSSESSES NUCLEAR WEAPONS THEY GOT FROM RUSSIA -- they SAID SO, so...is the Bushehr plant in Iran being used to make the World believe that Iran will not have Nuclear Weapons in their possession until sometime in the FUTURE??? -- which is a LIE.   "Whodunit"???  I don't know, but there is Something very 'telling' (?) about an 'infected USB memory stick' as mentioned in the article below...


Computer experts have spent months tracing the origin of the Stuxnet worm, a sophisticated piece of malicious software, or malware, that has infected industrial operating systems made by the German firm Siemens across the globe.

Programmers following Stuxnet believe it was most likely introduced to Iran on a memory stick, possibly by one of the Russian firms helping to build Bushehr. The same firm has projects in Asia, including India and Indonesia which were also attacked. Iran is thought to have suffered 60 per cent of the attacks.

Mr Langner said: "It would be an absolute no-brainer to leave an infected USB stick near one of these guys and there would be more than a 50 per cent chance of him pick it up and infect his computer." (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/israel/8034987/Israeli-cyber-unit-responsible-for-Iran-computer-worm-claim.html)

Filing his claws with a 'memory stick'?...

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Stuxnet Worm: The Israeli "Mistake" -- IF it WAS a "Mistake" & IF it was ISRAEL who made it...There IS Another Possibility... :O
My thoughts! Hooray! Finally we can agree on - at least - ONE topic ... how come? For said reasons 'Sucks & Sticks Worming' not in Israel's interest. Not?
Stuxnet: The word 'stick' is stuck in my mind... :O *PIC*
stick stuck stook - gone is the mook! :D (or was it the mock :O ?) *NM*
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