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Here's my take...

Hereís my take on obesity and diabetes. There is no magic in what follows. Nothing said will sprain your brain.

Itís likely neither your doctor nor your nutritionist will tell you the following.

Your bodyís cells are looking for nutrient density in the things you eat.

Consider the foods most eat and ask yourself...what does your body think of your diet?

If it doesnít see the nutrients it is looking for it thinks it will starve to death.

Well how can that be because...I/you eat all day long!

What I/you are eating is for the most part manufactured or irradiated and/or cooked at temperatures above 118 F...a point at which enzymes are destroyed.

If the food we eat lacks enzymes then the digestive load is fully placed on our body. Keep that up long enough and you get a tired out pancreas and diabetes. It can take years to get to this stage...or it can happen sooner as we are all biochemically individualistic.

Eat a certain quantity of calories and burn it off with activity (walking is good) or fat is stored.

Continue along the path of minimum nutrient density and your body will think it is going to it layers on the fat...being a chemical entity it needs energy and fat can be converted to energy.

Fat by itself is not a problem if digested fully.

Letís face it...we eat for emotional reasons...most likely as a coping mechanism.

If the medical profession and the individual himself/herself wonít deal with the emotional issues behind eating, nothing will change. Modalities like EFT can make a huge difference.

Supplementing the diet with plant based enzymes can help digest cooked food. Think about it...real food rots! All you have to do is eat it...if you like it...before it rots and it will self digest...minimum load on your pancreas.

Not combining starches and proteins can make a huge difference too...check out theĒ Fit for LifeĒ Diet...all it says is eat real food (plus lots of fruits and vegetables) and donít combine starches and proteins in the same meal. Whatís difficult about that? the weight fall off!

You may find the writing of Jon Gabriel interesting...check him out on

Figure out how to love yourself...that will change everything.

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HEAR HERE! ... (From someone searching for a cure! ) ... Those with little interest just may well develop the disorders . (What is it now? "1 in 3 (or 4) will develop diabetes in their lifetime?") *NM*
my sweet brother has diabeties, my grand died with diabeties just after she lost both legs due to . interested yes... cure yes... california has developed a serm that is almost perfected (((huggles)))
Here's my take...
loved the post ... thanks *NM*
Ignore that man behind the curtain, and thank you for emphasizing something of value
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