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Public-servants are denying there is FLOURIDE in the water supply when asked by the public. WTF! I hate liars. They need to be "Called Out" and exposed. *LINK*

Fluoride: Direct Engagement to Incite Public Inquiry

Travis Crank
We Are Change Wichita
September 3, 2010


All things relative and the timing of things shouldn’t go un-noticed.  Some things just can’t be dismissed as coincidence because not everyone was born yesterday – some were born the day before…

On August 28th, an almost overlooked article by Karen Shideler of  The Wichita Eagle was caught by one of our fellow activists and forwarded to me, covering a meeting by the Visioneering Health Alliance, here in Wichita.  Consisting of about a hundred members chiming in on issues such as, “…obesity and diabetes, mental health, oral health, and health disparities”, near its conclusion the author quotes a number of participants seeking a renewed call for fluoridating (i.e. sedating) the citizens of Wichita under the guise of oral health.

ANOTHER GREAT ARTICLE by a Modern Day Hero --- Alex Jones! Read it and spread the KNOWLEDGE so that others might live and benefit from the truth! 

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