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HORIZON - RHO ZION - rho = tarot card 17 "The Star". Deepwater HORIZON = Star of Zion (rising from the underworld)?


Find more videos like this on http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/06/Corrientes-oceanicas.gifwww.truveo.com.

video text:
As above - so below - and also within... Sirius is the brightest star that shines in our night sky; it is a binary star system with a very old star called a "White Dwarf" that is a story in and of itself. It is also called the Dog Star... The history, the legend, the myths of Sirius, and our very real connection and intimate relationship is nothing short of miraculous...


The Trigger to Global Change

If it helps to advance the agenda?

Gulf Stream And North Atlantic Current Dying
Gulf of Mexico Loop Current Already Dead

Extreme Heat/Drought In Russia, Flooding In Asia,
Killing Cold in South America All Connected To BP Oil Disaster

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