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PHOENIX PROGRAM: Don't Worry, it's a 'slow-kill' -- they Torture you First... *PIC*

For those who connect the dots, you'll know who's doin' it to ya...for those who don't, I guess it'll just be, "Glory Hallelujah, It Hurts So Good!" ...

Let's Kill All the Good Guys


The Central Intelligence Agency's private security contractors, mercenaries such as Blackwater USA (Xe) for the U.S. “locate and assassinate” Americans program in existence according to government officials and reported by Stephen Crowley in The New York Times received a little more media coverage this week thanks to Chuck Norris and Paul Craig Roberts. Still hidden, however, is that the program has been operational on U.S. soil against innocent Americans and is intensifying. It is not a matter of "if" or "when" the program advances to include dissidents and other innocent Targeted Individuals.

A Targeted Individual is a person targeted "by extreme forms of harassment such as ... Cointelpro... The target is specifically singled out for deliberate psychological, social, targeting which has the ability to destroy their lives and livelihoods over time." (Targeted Individuals: Frequently Asked Questions)...

The new Cointelpro operates globally under a different code name, more sophisticated, with access to modern weapons. During a recent interview with Taylor, he stated that there needs to be greater public awareness of the Phoenix Program. (See: Dupre, D. Obama targeted individual assassination Phoenix Program includes Americans, Examiner, April 8, 2010)

Targets, those well enough in the struggle to survive Bush/Obama's cruel and inhumane treatment program, have filed letters with government officials about this home-grown terrorist program, seeking to expose the government program and expunge the tens of thousand of innocent watch-listed targeted individuals.

A call has been made to Senate Judiciary Committee to conduct an investigation of the program ruining lives of an untold number of Americans through surveillance that includes covert directed energy weapon assaults. At least one tenth of Taylor's Targeted Individuals have been covertly implanted with devices to aid in tracking, electrically torturing and inducing a slow-killing of them.

Mainstream news blacks out Targeted Individual reports.

WikiLeaks has not blatantly exposed the magnitude of the Targeted Individuals' plight in the U.S.

The public remains unaware of the domestic terrorists operating in ordinary American communities. This lack of awareness results in targets isolated and thus easier to target...

On April 8, the Human Rights Examiner wrote:

"Obama has now authorized what Bush began, assassinating targeted individuals including Americans on US soil, confirming that the new global Phoenix Program recommended by General Patraeus in 2009 is now officially operational." (Obama targeted individual assassination Phoenix Program includes Americans)

Now, Chuck Norris reports "Obama's US Assassination Program," citing Obama regime security officials, that the next stage is to criminalize dissent and criticism of the government...

There is concern that the targeted killings that the U.S. has been conducting overseas is likely to occur in the U.S. - not concern that it is and has been occurring - with survivors' scars, induced diseases and even deaths reflecting it.

Roberts continues, "In pursuit of hegemony over both the world and its own subjects, the US government is shutting down the First Amendment and turning criticism of the government into an act of 'domestic extremism,' a capital crime punishable by execution, just as it was in Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia."

The "New Jews" are Targeted Individuals. Their pleas to human rights groups continue to be rejected, with rare exception of individual members. Such organizations continue focusing on related abuses overseas, especially with WikiLeaks PR to do so, despite the same abuses including torture and torture-to-death, civilian casualties consistently reported by targets on American soil...

The German excuse during the Nuremberg Trial, "We did not know it," was unacceptable. It remains unacceptable - including in the United States...



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