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Hamas & Hezbollah Trying to Derail Current Peace Talks by Killing Israeli Civilians -- 4 Dead Including a Pregnant Woman...so who needs 'peace' anyway... *LINK*

Well, maybe we'll be able to see a little more clearly now who TRULY wants Peace in the Middle East and who doesn't.  Personally I hope it will become clear to the whole world that the real troublemakers are the Iran-backed Hamas and Hezbollah proxies whose violent activities are considered to be extremely destabilizing and threatening to the safety of ALL peoples in that region -- even by the Saudis, Jordan, Egypt and other Muslims (including many Palestinians living in Gaza & Israel).  They may HATE the existence of the state of Israel, but it certainly doesn't seem to be the Israelis they FEAR...As for the Israelis, they're now willing to trade More Land for an elusive 'Peace' they know will never come except on paper.  If there's ONE thing the Israelis have surely learned, it's that TPTB want perpetual CONFLICTS and WARS and they will covertly stir up ancient hatreds or create new ones to fulfill their bloody Agenda and meet their occultic deadlines and timelines...   

Terrorist Attack Kills Four Israelis But Will Not Derail Peace Talks


August 31, 2010

A terrorist attack that killed four Israeli civilians including a pregnant woman on Tuesday (Aug. 31) will not sabotage this week’s direct peace negotiations in Washington, Israeli Embassy spokesman Jonathan Peled said.

In a telephone conference call for The Israel Project, Peled said the attack near the West Bank city of Kiryat Arba was deliberately intended to sabotage the talks, which will convene at the U.S. State Department on Thursday after a 20-month delay...

Hamas spokesman in Gaza, Sami Abu Zuhri, congratulated the attackers saying the attack was a normal reaction to what he called "the crime of occupation." Hamas, which controls Gaza, opposes direct talks and the continued existence of Israel.

The attack appeared to be carefully planned. The gunmen opened fire on the car at short range, leaving the vehicle riddled with bullet holes and killing all its occupants. Israeli security forces launched a hunt for the perpetrators.

Peled said Iran and its Iran-backed Hamas and Hezbollah proxies were intent on sabotaging the peace process but Israel was ready, on coming to the table, to make “painful concessions” for a secure peace. He said 70 percent of the Israeli public supported such concessions, including withdrawing from parts of the West Bank so that a Palestinian state could be established...



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