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 Making The Really Tough  Last Days Decisions & Choices





ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live,written August 8, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.


QUESTION:  Greetings from Ukraine! How "do onto others" applie to STS? "During the cataclysms, many highly Service-to-Other families or small communities may find they have a highly Service-to-Self child among them, or someone of this orientation who is physically dependent upon them in some way. Do they cast these young children or dependents aside, in order to become a fully Service-to-Other group? This is in conflict with the nature of those in the Service-to-Other, especially as there can be no certainty that the child or dependent person has truly decided on a Service-to-Self path. What if they are undecided, dithering, and abandonment would push them in the wrong direction? The Service-to-Other human wants to establish a tone of hope and caring, for all in the group" - ZetaTalk. On the other hand, "return good for evil" doesn't work with hardened STS, they will not change, and Zetas have repeatedly said that physical separation is the best solution in dealing with such individuals. That is to say, people who are not familiar with concept of orientations or have not figured this out and doubt evil/selfish intentions could be present in others insist that all should be included and not rejected and given a chance, endlessly. 

ANSWER:  This is one of the challenges facing young souls on Earth, who must learn to identify and deal with hardened Service-to-Self, while at the same time identify and tolerate immaturity in other young souls. A young child can be immobilized in a community, so it cannot hurt others despite its hardened orientation, and only ejected when able to function on its own. Most Service-to-Other individuals will end up in mixed society after the pole shift, due to their concern for those who are their dependents. It is their nature. Most highly Service-to-Other individuals who have been offered a lift during the pole shift will not even accept this, even though the lift only assures that they be alive after the hour is over, as they feel their dependents need them during that hour. Many highly Service-to-Self children are born to highly Service-to-Other parents so that both learn how to deal with each other, as their next incarnation will involve a separation of the orientations. It is their last chance to learn the nature of their opposing orientation, before this separation occurs.

ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 21, 2010


QUESTION:  As the PS is so near, and the Transformation proceeding--with earth to become a home for the STO exclusively--I am wondering whether STS souls are "allowed" to incarnate into human bodies anymore? Are STS babies still being born, to live and die in the Aftertime? If not, can you say for how long this has been halted? I feel like I read somewhere that babies born lately are either STO, undecided, or unsparked only. Thank you for any insight. 

ANSWER:  The Transformation is now, and thus for the past few decades those whose incarnation comes to an end have been evaluated in that context. Some entities are close to making their final decision on whether to be firmly Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other, and are allowed another incarnation. The alternative is to send the entity to where the undecideds are headed, the waterworld, and as they are close to a final determination this seems inappropriate. For this reason, those leaning heavily to the Service-to-Self, even some already strongly in the Service-to-Self, may be allowed a last incarnation on Earth. There is a cutoff on this, however, which has not yet been reached, where this practice will end so that when the Earth takes the leap to 4th density, at most there are some undecideds incarnated on Earth, not those in the Service-to-Self. The Service-to-Self are prone to place themselves in situations where they are at risk, as they fail to work as a team with others, and do not care for one another. Thus, they are not expected to live long after the pole shift.

QUESTION:  Zetas stated about time of about 3657 years for Planet X. How much is it "about"? + / - how much time? 

ANSWER:  Within a few years. Since you have no baseline, not knowing the exact year when the last pole shift occurred, it is irrelevant.



QUESTION:  What is Yahweh? Fiction? Negative? Positive? STS? STO? Demon? Reptilian? Annunaki? Grey?

ANSWER:  A figment of man's imagination. Man worships many gods, whom they hope will care for them like parents care for children, and attempt to placate gods whom they imbue with human emotions, like children trying to placate their parents. The Annunaki were too real to be imaginary, but Planet X is referenced in the Bible as the Lord at times, rolling in on clouds and causing destruction on Earth. Even primitive religions feel their gods are nebulous, not concrete, and assume their gods can assume many forms. If the child fears a punitive parent, then their god is seen as cruel, i.e. Service-to-Self. If the child anticipates a giving parent as a god, then that god would be imagined to be Service-to-Other.



QUESTION:  Can the Zeta's respond to the degree of devastation and affect on population they expect Japan to experience when the series of 8+ magnitude EQ's strike and what regions or cities would be most particularly affected? [and from another] Accepted and will be included with Steve Havas Q about Japan. Yes, this is significant! Displaying seismic activity on line until today's date August 18, there have been 26 quakes between 4.6 and 7.3 magnitude between August 13-18. I find a quite remarkable increase of tremors and earthquakes in the Mariana Islands. Why should so much seismic activity? Is it the announcement of a major movement of plates?

 (Note: The Okhotsk Plate depiction has been omitted from this article.)

ANSWER:  Japan is at the juncture of several plate boundaries. The southern islands are situated on the great Eurasian Plate, and fare the best because this plate is massive and stable. The northern islands are on a tongue of the great N American Plate, but this tongue is likewise stable although it comes under extreme stress particularly at its tip, sometimes called the Okhotsk Plate. It is the pressure from the Pacific that is the issue, as the Pacific is compressing. Likewise, the Philippine Plate is at issue, as it loses in the compression game and in essence is pushed under and lost. The Philippine Plate is tipping, rising at the Mariana Islands and diving under the tongue of the Eurasian Plate that holds Indonesia. This tongue is itself being pushed down. Imagine the domino effect of the Mariana Trench folding against the Philippine Plate, tipping this sideways to drive the western edge under the tongue holding Indonesia, which is at the same time breaking and bending to subduct under the curve of the Indo-Australian Plate.

This is a domino pressure, happening almost simultaneously. The scenario guarantees that the islands of southern Japan will be doing mountain buildings, particularly at the point where these plates converge at Mt. Fuji. The pressure from the compressing Pacific is applied directly on the northern islands of Japan, however, where the Pacific Plate is pushing under these islands. Thus when plate movement begins, there will first be a tipping and pushing down and under the south of Japan, and then as resistance here is eased, pressure on the northern part of Japan increases until an adjustment is made there likewise. The great quakes to afflict Japan prior to the pole shift will be thus in the south first, followed by great quakes in the northern islands of Japan with consequent tsunami heading for N America. Just when this will hit, and how much time will pass between the quakes in the south to be followed by quakes in the north, we cannot say.



QUESTION:  By the end of 2010 one or more of the events depicted in the holographic presentation will occur, shocking the world and moving us to a 7. The Zetas have said a few times the poleshift will happen before 2012, so that gives us about a year and 5 month window. My Q- without giving specific dates for certain events, isn't the timeline basically down? will the shocking event that moves us to a 7 be the point where media and government start being more open? zetas too? if the elite that control media and portions of political power are heading for their bunkers, isn't the threat of them mowing down millions probably gone now?

ANSWER:  Our prior statements about the pole shift likely happening prior to 2012 must be taken in the context that we are not allowed to give you the date, so even this warning must be taken with a grain of salt. We are constantly trying to get humans who linger in their comfortable coastal cities to move inland into rural area and get into gardening. Take our warnings in that context. The pole shift could happen at any trimester, and theoretically could happen after 2012. That said, are we at the point now, when a 7 of 10 will surely happen at least within months, when the establishment will no longer consider an informed public a threat? No, because the 7 of 10 has not yet occurred, and even when it has, the establishment will still want to delay informing the public unless they are firmly ensconced in their bunkers. Bunker living is very restrictive, and those in power and with great wealth like to move about, albeit in safe areas, and enjoy the fresh air and to have the ability to entertain themselves with travel. When the public is informed, it will not be through formal means like the major media.



The question is. A member of a survival group is a strong STO person. The problem is, the person is in a wheel chair and has no use of the legs and next to no use of the arms. Can the person expect to die when the going begins to get tough? What can one do?

The Earth is a spiritual schoolhouse, where young souls are presented with various scenarios that will inspire them to lean toward empathy or allow them to cling to selfishness, thus showing their spiritual leanings. This does not change simply because geological disasters will be more common, or affect more of the Earth than in normal years. We have described those afflicted as either the victims of circumstances, or a deliberate choice of incarnation for the sake of the lessons to be learned, or a result of karma from one's own actions during this incarnation. Such affliction teaches the entity so afflicted to be empathetic to others in the future, and gives others the opportunity to attend to the afflicted. If the individual is inclined toward the Service-to-Self, no lesson can be learned other than a stronger determination to be the strong and top dog in the future.

What then occurs when people are dependent upon others, upon social services or the good graces of others? The aged, in nursing homes, often forgotten by their families and certainly reliant upon the nursing staff. Those who are crippled, such as veterans without limbs, or quadriplegic due to accidents. Those who suffered from birth defects, are crippled though sound in mind, and unable to care for themselves. Those born retarded or otherwise brain damaged, who are institutionalized or in the care of their families. Those who are in hospitals, or in need of continuous medical attention such as kidney dialysis or insulin injections. Those who are subject to infections or overwhelmed by autoimmune diseases if not on medications and almost continuous antibiotic treatment. The mentally ill, who without medications are noisy and messy, accusatory and demanding. All these individuals will be in an adverse situation when the pole shift hits.

The reaction of those around them is in accordance with their spiritual orientation. If in the Service-to-Self, these individuals will be abandoned at the first opportunity. If leaning to Service-to-Other, a conflict ensures. Should the caretaker remain, putting themselves at risk, when the outcome is inevitable? A caretaker, burdened with those who cannot contribute in the desperate search for food or attempts to garden or otherwise garner food from the environment, will find all starving, including the self. The caretaker, in fact, will not be able to care for a large number of dependent individuals, as often medication was part of the routine, and without medication, the quadriplegic has limbs failing about, the mentally ill is wild-eyed and ranting, and those with little capacity to understand noisy when hungry or wandering off into the cold rain. These were choices facing the doctors at a public hospital in New Orleans when it was obvious no rescue was coming and they were going to have to leave their terminally ill patients alone without caretakers. These are times when the individual must make choices, out of a caring heart, and these choices are not easy.

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