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TRAGIC, to say the very least. -- Collateral Damage USA: Extremist cells target 350,000 US civilians *LINK*

Collateral Damage USA: Extremist cells target 350,000 US civilians

Hundreds of thousands of Americans could be suffering direct effects of a well-hidden form of terrorism sweeping America involving interconnected extremist cells keeping targets under covert surveillance and assaulting them with psychological warfare tactics and military grade directed energy weapons' (DEWs) invisible ammunition. New FOI documents reveal that the number of Americans targeted by such cells in the campaign of terror could exceed 350,000.

The state-sponsored terror program is a likely arm of the Bush/Obama 'locate and assassinate' New Phoenix Program in the petrochemical-military-industrial-complex (PMIC) 'war on terror' in which anyone not "with" government lies and deceit is a "terrorist." In other words, the program is genocide of good, honest people. (See: Dupe, D. Let's kill all the good people, August 29, 2010) This atrocity could be another WikiLeaks' Modified Limited Hangout distraction from an even greater crime: Collateral Damage U.S.A.

That government is unleashing terror on America's "greatest people," that secret weapons with invisible force and fascist techniques refined since Nazi Germany days are ruining lives of innocent U.S. civilians should come as no surprise. G.W. Bush told the world that the U.S. would apply such wrath on anyone not "with" the PMIC agenda. Seen and heard throughout the world on September 11, 2001, Bush declared via satellite tv the evil plan for Targeted Individuals, precisely what they suffer daily:

READ THE REST OF THIS DISTURBING ARTICLE BELOW: (beware, it's quite mind numbing)

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