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BASHAR: The Rubber Band Analogy Video and thoughts from Zany Mystic! *LINK* *PIC*
I've posted this before, but Bashar is always timely; especially this train of thought.  Enjoy!
On to the "View from ZanyLand"... 
BTW, I'm reaching the obvious point we all reach, in that there truly is "nothing new under the sun".  Any attempt to look outside oneself is doomed.  Period.  I see pundits and talking heads encouraging investors to buy gold, before the next "Great Depression V.2" hits... don't bother!  NO THING in the material realms, regardless of present intrinsic or seemingly objective value, will be of any help or worth in coming times.  You can't eat gold.  All forms of "monetary exchange" are part of the OLD PARADIGMS, thus they are also "doomed to failure"... except in a very short timeframe.  But that won't last long, when the entire planet is starving and rioting.  It IS a possibility.  Besides, gold is heavy.  Let the elite play their games... they have, and are, selecting the "Wrong Door", Monty Hall.  Gold, land, oil paintings, mansions, secret programs and spaceships, and on and on are all behind the ZONKER door!  But don't believe me... find out for yourself.  Start digging your cave, fill it with canned food, etc., if you want to be a "sheeplenaut".
What about moving due to earth changes?
What earth changes?  Are you in an earthquake right now, or flooded or starving to death... or is the monkey mind trying to express its unending dissatisfaction with everything one does or is, due to an avalanche of programming, known - but mostly UNknown?  If one has an "inner prompting" to move, which is bringing great excitement, joy and bliss, this is a clue that it MAY be a valid turning point.  If it is, there will be few, if any, "roadblocks".  The way will unfold as a magic carpet ride, because this is how everything works right now, right here - total synchronicity; again, "known" or "unknown".  Wherever you go, there you are.  Get rid of your baggage now, and lighten up!  Then, it doesn't and won't matter WHERE you discover your Self.
Knowingness vaccilates from moment to moment in the now, dependent upon our ability to be present, in the "now", more conscious, less identified with the illusions, which all beg and demand attention.  We change depending upon our level of CONSCIOUSNESS, and this is part of one's Being.  This is the ONLY "acquisition" one can work on or towards; a very elusive butterfly indeed.  The more we pursue it, the more it slips through our fingers... like trying to hold water in our hands from a waterfall.
What about the ramp up to WAR WITH IRAN?
Forget it.  For the spiritually centered, even for those who have little spiritual inclination, it's advisable to DETACH from the DISTRACTIONS which are cleverly designed, (or not) to suck us, our attention, our energies, our very lifeforce, down the tubes, down the toilet of lower frequencies.  Stay in balance, as able, and if not balanced, look into your present experience NOW to see what is not contributing to balance.  Events "in the world" are ALL DISTRACTIONS.  If you feel empowered by researching conspiracies, this war, that political group or the latest declarations from someone who pretends to know something; say, Alex Jones, David Icke, Jeff Rense, etc.  No one knows jack sh*t.  Some have inklings and clues, but many are not permitted to tell anyone, so FORGET IT.  FIND YOUR OWN INNER TRUTH and ANSWERS, because they are all there, the Alpha and Omega are WITHIN, just as the entire creation is - in a grain of sand.  It's holographic in nature.  Beyond that, holograms are not required.  They dissolve.  No one truly knows as much as You Do.  Why give your POWer away?  The PTB are robbing it at every juncture, in a perpetual game of tug and war... literally!
Money... if I only had more money!
FORGET IT!  You, I and WE have MORE THAN ENOUGH right now.  Personally, I have used myself as an experimental vessel to prove this fact, and to prove to myself that when I truly have a need it is filled without effort, strain or worry.  This is the result of being in the now.  Boring as it may sound or seem, we can only worry when in the mind, comparing past with the present, or comparing other's outsides with our insides.  We are literally bombed/arded with sales pitches every moment of the day; especially if tuning into the T.V.  Life at the core essence is simple.  No electricity is needed, hence less utility bills.  No meat is truly required for food, hence huge reduction in cost in $ and to the planet in vast amounts of food and water, not to mention methane production, and suffering of our four-legged friends.  Yes, they do have feelings.
TURN OFF Television!  It's a device for manipulation and unbalacing one's subtle fields; actually, it destroys subtle fields just as clearly as an atomic bomb destroys all life in its path.  To tune into higher frequencies, it isn't necessary to do ANY costly workshops, tunings, DNA awakenings, go to various sites, or do what anyone else tells us.  In fact, for the MOST part, those things are but stepping stones which can become crutches.  Want to go into the Shift of expanded consciousness in your padded wheelchair?
I thought so.
Crutches are not required, and they get in the way when we realize we can WALK!  OMG... I'm HEALED!!!  We always were, are and will be.  We can FLY!
What IS important, then, Mister Smarty Pants?
For me, and I only speak for myself, health is one aspect I value.  The body is a temple of subtle frequencies, and though we don't fly to the moon energetically once we clean up our own templates, it is a process that permits higher frequencies to be tuned in.  When, where and how are unimportant.  Cleaning one's own house IS (important).  And what we find of value for our own evolution may not, and probably is not, something that others can use effectively as it works for us.  Besides, who among us enjoys another's "proselytizing"?
Life is its own reward.  A simple life is the easiest to maintain peacefully and harmonically. 
Synchronicity lights our paths
Negativity removes us from the present - it also uses vast repositiories of raw energy that could be channeled (used) for awakening.
There are no natural organic functions designed to express negativity.  Negativity is a man-made egoic manifestation that uses high octane fuel.  The "Controllers" who think they are our gods create horrific death-filled events, in order to milk us of our energies.  Stop paying attention to their transparent games, and they lose their food source.  Really.
Alchemy is a tool we can awaken to in any moment, to refine the multiple realities we ride upon, up and down like a circus ride.  It does not need to be understood in the strict, "mystery school" sense, to know that refinement is a process which permits inner octaves to complete. 
Forgetfulness is an indication of sleep.  Use it as a tool to awaken in the moment.
Take time to reflect.  Learn how to "read" the reflections of others in your life as tools to evolve.  Never react.  Remain centered and calm regardless of surroundings and others.
Illness and accidents are the result of being asleep.  Go within to discover the message which you are attempting to relay to yourself.
Words, channelings, books and excercises, including meditation, are to be used, not to use us.  At some point, we "graduate" and must stand within our own power.  From there, we can imagineer anything we like, outside the box of known terminologies and tools.
Look for addictions each day;  those activities we feel we "must do" are clues to where we're identified, stuck and not in the moment.  Do you really need to dig into those areas?  What would be missed?  Emotional addictions are difficult to see.  When we are "made to feel like victims" in recurring situations.  These are jewels to unlock our identifications and mislaid neurons!  Re-wire the neurons, and new realities emerge.  Unsubscribe from all subscriptions that cost money.  Write your own material, if you like - ideally, share it freely. 
The bottom line here:  Trust yourself, Listen to yourself, go within for guidance... tap into your natural intuitive empathic and psychic abilities, as they are growing exponentially.
AND, share your innermost feelings and thoughts with at least ONE Person.  We are not always going down the right path.  Self-justification can allow us to divert far from any alignment with spirit's intent for us.  Run your "inner guidance" by another to make sure you're nut really nuts!
I see a time in the not too distant when the internet will be absorbed, interrupted and perhaps controlled.  We will be adapting to various new "inner technologies".  True, the PTB want to enslave us totally with nanotubes, but it ain't gonna happen.  All the best laid plans...  are doomed to fail.  There will be a time when appearances are otherwise, but not very long at all.  Bear with this brief period of intensity.
Another helpful tip I find useful is to isolate and spend time alone.  This may not be possible for many, so we each need to find our own means to solace and peaceful moments.  If you prefer meditation, use that over medication!  Reduce any and all prescriptions which are not absolutely life saving.  Drink lots of filtered water.  Always.  As possible, go outside and be with nature at whatever level is comfortable.
None of the above is meant to be "advice", rules, or an enlightened road map.  These are just a few "willy nilly" thoughts while I'm recovering from a chest cold and flu.  So, my mind is mush.  Whose isn't?  LOL.  This month arriving is September.  A "9" month.  Completions.  With so many planets in retrograde, it's a valuable time to look at previous "spirals" which are "up for us" today.  See how you can elevate this set of spirals, by being more conscious THIS time, knowing these lessons will and do spiral around faster and faster as we approach zero time.  Don't fret.  Never worry, and if something seems "too much", let it go for now.  Peace of mind is more important.  Maintain absolute integrity.
Most important of all, be your Self... be HAPPY, follow desires, except when to do so injures or manipulates others.  Follow the Golden Rule.  Make life up as you go along, and don't be afraid to walk off the beaten path - especially if there's a beautiful flower in the woods beckoning.  Nature is always your friend.  Connect, love and feel the energy of all that is, communicating each in its own fashion invisibly and lovingly.  Learn to step outside the box of limitation as often as possible.  Drop as many beliefs that no longer serve you, daily.  Let go of all thoughtforms which divide, and give up belonging to "this party" or that one...  better yet, join the party you deplore, and see the truth in it.  It's good work on self will and ego.  Walk, ride or drive a different way to the store, to work or elsewhere as often as possible.  Don't drive through Watts, if the riots are going on!
Use common sense, and don't be utterly stupid!  Common sense is a sense which is common to all centers.
Now, FORGET all the above and don't re-read it! 
Make your own list, if lists are your "thing", then burn it.  Nice ritual, even if it is a "reptilian gesture". 
Imagine a time soon, when words are no longer needed, paper and computers unavailable, and all that is Is.  Are there shapes, colors, sound...?   Now, just Be. 
Zany Mystic
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