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Crop Circle information (and lots of good info too!!! stuff you won't find elsewhere) *LINK*
Report A Crop Circle Formation To Crop Circle Connector
Report A Crop Circle Through FACEBOOK ( This Page is run by us )
Pre Season Nightwatch - May 3rd 2010
Crop Circle Fever - May 2010
Old Sarum - The first crop circle of the season arrives - May 5th 2010
The Makers Return To Stonehenge - May 10th 2010
Winton Windmill - The Code - May 22nd 2010
The Makers Return To Silbury Hill - May 31st 2010
The Fakes of May 2010
Liddington Castle - 2nd of June 2010
Codford St.Peter - 3rd June 2010
The Bean Formation - 7th June 2010
The Figure Of Eight - Chirton - June 16th 2010
The Makers Return on Solstice Night - June 21st 2010
The Face In Savernake Forest - June 23rd 2010
Whitesheet Hill - Mere - June 25th 2010
The All Seeing Eye At Ufton - 25th June 2010
The Fakes Of June 2010
The Star At Chisbury Chapel - 3rd July 2010
The Cube Returns To Hampshire - 6th July 2010
Cley Hill Marvel - pending
Guys Cliffe House - Old Milverton - 10th July 2010
The Fosbury Tesseract - 17th july 2010
Woolaston Grange - Oldbury Nuclear Power Station - 18th July 2010
Sightings In an Around Crop Circle Formations
The Avebury UFO sighting 29th July 2007
Stonehenge Sighting - May 10th 2010
Silbury Hill Sighting By Kevin Mark Fitzgibbon - June 3rd 2010
The Orbs of Clatford - 4th of May 2009
Our Own UFO experience at Barbury Castle ( 14th June 2009 )
The Ying Yang Beings - 21st June 2009
The Milk Hill Aliens - 21st June 2009
ET hasnt Phoned Home Hes Still Here ( By Jason Robbins 21st June 2009 )
UfO or Portal over Milk Hill Long Code Formation - June 21st 2009
Tall Beings At Martinsell Hill 19th July 2009
Being In The Trees At Ogbourne Down - 24th July 2009
The Flying Saucer Over Compton Bassett - 31st July 2009
The Being At Rollright Stones - 3rd Agust 2009
UFO and Rainbow Cloud Over West Overton - August 9th 2009
Portals to Other Dimensions - August 09
More Tall Beings At Martinsell Hill - October 2009
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