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Current observations from Mount Nebo 8-30-10 *LINK* *PIC*

Current observations from Mount Nebo


A really good film for those who don't know what where and why the economy suffered a collapse. The WHO is another matter but that is a secondary issue to be dealt with after a person has a minor grasp of what has happened already. The WHEN is still a bit unknown because the WHEN is still in progress and although the astro suggests the worst is over as of September 2010 the net effect of the mismanagement momentum since 2007 is still working it's way into the so called "real world". I suspect that we will be dealing with much bigger than just finance crisis starting in February 2011. 




NOTE... Celante is seen a lot in this movie and I like him a lot.. LOLOL.. He is called the New Nostradamus at one point in the film so I guess I have been replaced..   Jim Cramer called me that in 1998 for saying the same things many years ahead of Celante.. Humm.. Nostradamus was an astrologer was he not? Just sayin.. 



One of the main reasons I have been so silent over the past year and especially over this summer of 2010 is that it became obvious that attacking the consensus belief structures is becoming considered terrorism. The laws backing up the mass consciousness belief structure are now on the books and enforcement of them seems to be already happening in an increasingly transparent way. 

The system we live in requires a BELIEF in it to functional. Beliefs are filters that keep information that conflicts with the personal belief structure out of conscious perception. Not too unlike the MATRIX movie.

Lets examine a few foundation beliefs that about 6 billion people rely on for their very existence. If the belief structure collapses this is potentially how many people will die quickly in the aftermath. 

**Money created out of nothing as debt is real.. The only thing real about the money is the obligation to pay it back.. Oh and with interest.. 
**Governments are operated for the benefit of the people. Now that the supreme court has defined corporations as "people" this is a half truth.
**Religion is some how the truth even though the fact is it is only a BELIEF. Religion has evolved over the past 1000 years to become 180 degrees opposite of truth about spirit and into how "god" is going to save a personality's ego if they SUBMIT to the rules.  Of course the set of rules always change to suit the powerful. 


So we peeps are seemingly trapped in a matrix of beliefs and those who benefit from it require those who challenge this deception in a viral way to be silenced. Fortunately we still have at least an echo of the founding fathers foundations intentions in play which is a BELIEF but it must be maintained so the people don't up an quit cooperating.. Work in truth telling now requires being small enough to be non threatening to the beast yet big enough to spread slowly out in a self organizing collective sort of way. The astute observer will notice that those who get a huge amount of attention in the media like Beck and Palin and others are consciously creating ORGANIZED COLLECTIVES. An organized collective is something that can start out all well and good and then be easily perverted from the top down. What has happened to the TEA PARTY is something to be expected and is only going to reinforce the belief structure grip on the minds of the slumbering masses. 

I bring this up about the TEA PARTY for a reason. Seems that Beck and Palin are running it now and OH CHECK THIS OUT.. Both were born within 24 hours of each other in 1964 on February 10th and 11th..  And I can report as an astrologer that BOTH have birth charts that make me shudder. 
SUN MARS AND SATURN CONJUNCTION IN AQUARIUS IN SQUARE TO NEPTUNE. OMG please save us from them.. Fascist nut cases with no connection to actual reality is a quick and dirty delineation. 



AND the fact is they have dates of birth that "coincidentally" land on February 10th .. THAT IS THE DATE OF THE FINAL SHIFT NEXT YEAR IN THE MAYAN TIMING.. Yes the one that is going to unleash UNCONTROLLED MANIFESTING HERE IN THIS DREAM REALM FOR 260 DAYS. 

 So dropping back to the last post on 8/29 lets just say there seems to be an invisible hand writing on the wall at this time. If you thought the Finance crisis was bad then we are in for the mother of all crisis with that sort leadership running things. Beliefs gone bad .. NOT the movie but the reality show.. 
Beliefs manifesting in our world with out any protective time delays that used to protect us.  I hope I am at least making this clear to a few people who GET IT.. 

The ONLY thing that can work to prevent going down this low-way to Armageddon is the TRUTH.. And when we get into the February 2011-October 2011 time frame those who KNOW must also SHOW.. This calls for demonstration which requires PREPARATION NOW. NO not holding signs up in the street but DEMONSTRATION of the power of truth as in ESP and demonstration of what the power of intention can do when wielded by an enlightened spirit. If they become empowered to manifest their hell on earth beliefs then we can counter it with KNOWING HEAVEN. 
A famous man once said.. "The kingdom of heaven is within you"..  MAKE IT SO for yourself first!!! It is as simple as waking up to the spirit you already are. Native American spirituality would be a good place to start if you want directions.



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