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The Dangers of TV ~ Look what they are orchestrating now! *LINK*

All you have to do is do a search for the latest news on Omega 3's ..... and articles like the following will pop up.

This was received in an email....



Dear Friend,

Ever notice how "the message" on TV seems orchestrated?

All of a sudden, on television, in the newspaper, online...I am hearing about Omega 3s.
Omega 3s, Omega 3s!  Everywhere I turn, Omega 3s!  I was watching ABC the other
night and a doctor on the show mentioned Omega 3s. 
Don't get me wrong, Omega 3s work wonders for the body.
They reduce inflammation and thus help to clear airways and clean arteries, boosting brain
function, and according to many studies they fight cancer.
But don't you think it's a bit strange we're hearing so much about Omega 3s all of a
sudden....in the mainstream media's "script"?  Why are they trumpeting Omega 3s all of a
The research has been out for YEARS!
I didn't connect the dots until I saw the most recent mention of Omega 3s on TV. 
This time...
A commerical for a PRESCRIPTION OMEGA 3 from the folks at GlaxoSmithKline (aka
a pharmaceutical company)!!!
Oh boy.  

Here's the truth:  Omega 3s are called essential fats for a reason.  In the western world, our

diets, with the over-consumption of meat and not enough fish, we get too many Omega 6s
and not nearly enough Omega 3s.  That drives up your risk for cancer, and your heart,
lungs, and brain suffer.  
A prescription is NOT necessary.  God only knows what they're adding to the mixture.
I strongly suggest you watch this video from ABC News about Omega 3 Fish Oil
You must reduce stress, cleanse the body, increase oxygen and reduce inflammation to
remain disease free.  Everyone knows this now.
Get your Omega 3s from a trusted source, without a hidden agenda.
We all have to do this.  Unless you are eating multiple servings of the right Omega 3 rich
fish every week, and making sure these fish are mercury free and not farm raised....your
body isn't getting the Omega 3 fatty acids it needs.

Take action now.  We've negotiated some special pricing for members of this email list. 
You can even get a 6 month supply FREE!  No one should be getting rich off this...and if
the media and big pharma have their way, it will be GlaxoSmithKline!!!

Your's in health,

Health Freedom Network, 28 E. Jackson, Building #10-A940, Chicago, IL 60604, USA

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The Dangers of TV ~ Look what they are orchestrating now! *LINK*
They've POISONED all the SEAFOOD in the Gulf of Mexico & part of the Atlantic Ocean with Corexit, so Take Their Pills or CHOW DOWN 'cause NANNY Loves us, don'tcha know... *NM*
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