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First Contact - Is it real? Is it positive?

Carla Rueckert, Terry Brown and Wynn Free
Monday August 30th
The Wynn Free Conference Call - Live!
5:55pm Pacific Time
8:55pm Eastern Time

airing on Station 2

Terry L Brown, Carla Rueckert & Wynn Free
First Contact - Is it real? Is it positive?

Wynn Free, principal author (with David Wilcock) of the international best seller, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? (www.returnofedgar.com), will be moderating a lovely discussion with Terry Brown and Carla Rueckert on this topic. Rueckert (www.llresearch.org) has an international reputation as one of the most credible and highly intended channels in history. Many people are anticipating the arrival of ET Groups and UFO's that will save mankind. Some people are claiming to receive messages from these ET groups affirming this pending landing.

Free, Rueckert, and Brown have the unusual ongoing experiences of communicating with what describes itself as Group Souls who have acted as helpers and guides for the population of this planet. They will present information based on the communications of their Sources, as well as pertinent cross referencing with other Sources conducted by Wynn.

From a human level, the question begging is "Who can you really trust? Who is really talking to Free, Rueckert and Brown? What's the credibility of their Sources?" If you've never been exposed to channelled material, this show will be a great introduction. If you're waiting for first contact, this show is a must listen.

The Wynn Free Conference Line with Wynn Free

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