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Sept. Theme: Your Inner GPS By Simone Butler *LINK*

Sept. Theme: Your Inner GPS
By Simone Butler

A savvy Scorpio friend recently shared how modern technology taught her to trust her instincts. During a cross-country road trip, she and her husband relied on their vehicle's GPS (Global Positioning System) for guidance. But if her intuition suddenly alerted her that something was amiss, they ignored the GPS and took a different route. "And sure enough," she said, "we would later hear of a fire or landslide, or something else that had closed the road ahead."

My friend, who is also a devoted client, said that my readings are like her GPS system. "You show me the safe road on my journey," she explained, "yet give me the freedom to take detours now and then." However, she added, even with a GPS or a horoscope, you still need common sense and intuition to avoid going astray.

I learned a similar lesson recently when I returned to my house after termite tenting. Tear gas assaulted my eyes and throat. Though I'd been told the premises were safe for re-entry, clearly they were not. Yet I stayed in the house--telling myself that I had work to catch up on, and a few days of ventilation would clear the air. However, I soon came down with walking pneumonia and was sick for a week. I had lost touch with my inner GPS--and I suffered the consequences.

It turns out that the exterminator's rep had failed to give me a crucial fact sheet on the hazards of the toxic gases (thank you, Mercury retrograde!) That's a little like me failing to warn someone about the potential downside of a hard outer planet transit. While I make an effort to be candid about possible outcomes, I don't predict doom and gloom. That's because it's possible to make the best of even the worst of transits. I'm reminded of a story another astrologer told, of a client whose transits were so bad, he dreaded the consultation with her. Yet the client arrived smiling, basking in the glow of a recent triumph on Broadway. She'd been playing the tormented genius Judy Garland, channeling those nasty transits to great acclaim!

Potholes sometimes loom on the road to our dreams. We've had to sidestep a number of them this summer, with the "Cardinal Crunch" in full force, compounded by Mercury retrograde in task- and health-oriented Virgo. These cycles have been pointing us inward, urging us to slow down, take care of business and heed our intuition--no matter what the world may throw at us. This means taking time for reflection before reacting to feelings or events.

Virgo represents our inner GPS, synchronizing mind and body. It orients us to our relationship with the Earth through its vibration of wholeness. The earthy, intelligent Virgo message comes through loud and clear at the New Moon in Virgo on Sept. 8 (3:30 am Pacific Daylight time). A yoga session (yoga is the ultimate Virgo activity), healthy meal or massage would be an appropriate way to celebrate.

The Virgo New Moon coincides with the stations of both Mercury and Pluto--giving it extra power. Mercury, backward since Aug. 20, turns direct on Sept. 12, and Pluto, retrograde since April 6, moves forward on the 13th. We'll start to make progress at untangling recent miscommunications or delays, as well as see results on matters that have lain dormant since the spring. Still, these planets as well as our lives need a few weeks to regain their full forward momentum, so proceed cautiously with new endeavors.

Venus, ruler of love, money and self-esteem, is slowing down to dive backward in Scorpio on Oct. 8, where she has a steamy rendezvous with Mars. I'll delve into this intriguing cycle in my next essay. Meanwhile, practice connecting with your inner GPS so you can sense when the best times are to take action or go with the flow. Or, contact me for a consultation to get a detailed look at your planetary landscape--and create a smoother journey on the road of life.

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