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It is really becoming slim pickins ......

If foods comes in a box or plastic forget it. One thing that really ticks me off here in Toronto .... we live on the fruit belt and in the summer it is very difficult to find ANY fruit or vegetables grown in Ontario. I have asked stores this for years and refuse to buy from any other country except Canada. I have been told our produce goes down to the States and then if it is left over it comes back up to Canada. Now that sucks!! (Much like Embridge gas that goes from Alberta Canada down to the States and we then have to pay a fee to have our own gas shipped back to Canada.) Writing and or phoning these companies does not seem to make one damn bit of difference!

The only fresh produce found here is at the Farmers Market, more expensive but worth it. Still does not answer the question why our home grown foods are not readily available to Canadians first in regular super markets.  Seems most are willing to eat "shit", literally, just to have food on the table. (anything to make a turd, if you excuse the expression!)

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If You Shop at Whole Foods You had Better Watch This! *NM* *LINK*
When they say contaminated with 'filth', I wonder if it's the same kind of 'filth' as the produce from Mexico -- fertilized with Human Excrement... *NM*
Now that IS lousy of Whole Foods. What a shatty organization to mislead its customers like that. I won't shop there ever again! *NM*
It is really becoming slim pickins ......
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