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What is NASA Really Worried About...Out There? What is a Solar Magnetic Flux Tube?? *PIC*

This is actually in response to afiresidechat's post titled, HAARP Fluxgate Magnetometer (http://www.bbsradio.com/cgi-bin/webbbs/webbbs_config.pl?page=1;md=read;id=9241).  I don't understand all of this scientific stuff, but a few years ago I heard someone on shortwave radio talking about flux tubes which he described as HUGE lightning bolts such as the ones that strike Jupiter from Io (Jupiter's moon).  He also mentioned that we nearly lost some of our Astronauts because of a flux tube that came a little too close to the Shuttle...did anyone else hear anything about such an incident?  It was the Shuttle flight where they were trying to do something outside the Shuttle with a "tether"...I've been intrigued by these flux tubes ever since and especially since reading that something like a solar magnetic flux tube is expected to strike the Earth sometime in the future...Anyways I'm wondering if these have anything to do with the HAARP Fluxgate Magnetometer.  I'm also wondering if the constant use of HAARP over the years has so messed up the Earth's magnetic fields that the Earth could now possibly be a magnet or a stronger magnet pulling into our atmosphere a lot of unwanted things, such as meteors, comets, bolides, solar flares, coronal mass ejections and even solar magnetic flux tubes...


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What is NASA Really Worried About...Out There? What is a Solar Magnetic Flux Tube?? *PIC*
Sun storm to hit with 'force of 100m bombs'
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