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BORG-like Shift from Psychosis to Death by the Controllers by Rhitt. AstroEconomist *LINK* *PIC*

Current observations from Mount Nebo


 Algos gone bad. 

The decapitation of hope occurred yesterday. What you saw was the first shift from psychotic market to dead market. 

Lets be VERY clear.. yesterday was no accident.. in fact what we saw was the accident that was waiting to happen. This BORG LIKE market has been dominated by algorithms designed to scalp microscopic profits in the intraday tides of price movement.. This "art" had been refined into a dark science and was so competitive that the time frames were narrowed down to nano seconds. That sort of thing works great until the shit happens moment arrives. 

Hey this works great in a normal market.. (as if there has been one recently). When a bounce trade at the 38% retrace level failed yesterday it was absolute computer driven psychosis. selling begat selling begat selling.  Apparently the nasdaq QQQQ traded at ZERO on the tape.. 
Naz had to cancel a lot of trades. How would you like to have been short from a few days ago and the greatest moment of your career gets erased?  There are more than a few bears that this happened to..  How would you like to be a semi sophisticated investor" and had your entire portfolio stopped out? AT A HUGE LOSS. Oh my there is a bull market on for lawyers we can be sure of that. 

I got some emails regarding " did you make a killing" .. Indirectly yes through my "friends".. BUT the size of my personal account demanded I sit it out the day before the event due to risk parameters going outside of the sane zone. Fact is yesterday was a day that ANY participation was so risky that it was my pleasure to sit back and watch in awe.. My internal radar was on red alert and I do pay attention to it.  It may come down to the guy with the last nickel wins. 

Here are a few facts to rub in the noses of whatever skeptics are still around.. 
This event is going to trigger the shift from psychotic market to DEAD MARKET. Mark my words the episode yesterday will go down in history as the day the market died. 

The astro ahead into the end of August is many times more complex than was in play today. This was ONLY Saturn Uranus opposition by itself.. later this summer Saturn and Uranus will make the final of the 5 oppositions BUT will be joined then by Jupiter conjunct Uranus.. Jupiter squared Pluto. Saturn squared Pluto  ALL CRISS-CROSSING ON THE TIME LINE in a dance of speculative self sacrifice. With the exception of the very best prop traders anyone who thinks they can navigate this period using the standard backward looking tools of the trade deserve what is coming.. That would be having their head handed to them. LET ME BE CLEAR.. No one alive has seen anything like this astro before. 

OK now for the conspiracy fans.
Was this a warning shot? if so who fired it? was it Goldman?.. the fed? Was it our Israeli friends once again attempting to goad the USA into attacking Iran? 
All it will take to determine this is watching carefully.. 



Crimes are usually the same thing over and over

In human nature the simpler the better.. Some things like simple crime always seem to work every time whether it is today or 3000 years ago.. All have one thing in common.. they start with a lie. 

Bait and switch. talk one thing up and then when the mark agrees to the vague offer switch it over to something else.. Then use the fine print to impose the bad deal if any complaints are forthcoming. 

 pump and dump.. Inflate the value of something (anything) by creating artificial demand then dump it on the bagholder.. better yet sell the customer short so you make a killing both ways. 

protection racket. Do a violent act and claim it was that other guy ... the one you need to be protected from is the one offering you protection

extortion. Do as I say or else. In the extreme this ELSE includes murder.

 prostitution. selling ones integrity for a payoff. 

blackmail. Find a sicko.. agree to give him power on pre determined conditions.. then pull his chain whenever you need a favor. 

I think I have covered about 90% of all crime right there.  many people assume this is all "human" nature".  all the crimes have one thing in common.. Obtaining a "thing" by deception.  It turns out that a simple direct theft is almost always a crime only for the little people who do it out of the necessity of living..  Simple thieves almost always get caught.. pros almost NEVER.


We are seeing this year the end of an empire that hit it's peak in 1996-97. 

back in 1996 the AstroEcon web site started off with a white paper that detailed an astrological correlation with empire status and a rotation of that power that takes about 200- 210 years to go full circle.  It was detailed almost ad nausem here that the USA was hitting it's peak of dominance in the mid 1990s and from that time forward would be in a decline that would last approximately 70 years..  The decline would be hidden at first because as an empire you would have the ability to lay off your problems on everyone else for a time. LOLOL.. many people called me nuts for saying in 1996 that China was next up in the rotation as the dominant world power due to hit a peak in the 2060 time frame.  China got control of Hong Kong in 96-97.. THAT WAS THE TIPPING POINT. 

The interesting thing about an empire experiencing a long term decay is that they can and will lay off their problems on everyone else until?? There is an utter collapse which seems quite sudden to those who are unaware. The reality is this has been in the works for 14 years. When the power to impose is finally vaporized it does not take long after that to unravel. 

Based on the long term aspects that come to a crescendo of 5 at once over this summer. 
The collapse of the USA has ALWAYS been due to climax in 2010..  this year.. Starting NOW. We might call this summer an astrological ground zero. For those few who are paying attention here on this site this is no surprise whether you use astrology or not.. Why do you think I live in bum f#&k West Virgina?  In the ART OF WAR it says.. a wise man knows how to step out of the way.. 

What most Americans don't know (not allowed to know) is the usa military was defeated in battle under the surface in 2001.  That was the battle of the twin towers.. from that time on a criminal empire has been in total control of the USA by means of extortion (well all the crimes listed above) .  A global criminal empire now controls the USA military.. the financial system.. and the very minds of a majority of the citizens through the mass media.  AND WHO is behind the criminal empire?? When confronted with the truth 98% of the "subjects" here in LaLa land immediately snap off their minds and hide from it. They dive head first right into a belief system that has been carefully crafted to keep them in a state of ignorance.. BTW the dive pool turns out to be about an inch deep. I must admit that the lack of vision among the sheep is almost as frightening as the criminal plot of planned destruction I see going forward on the apparent timeline. 

 I have featured the Pink Floyd song SHEEP on the site many times. There is a reason. Written in the mid 1970s this is as prophetic as any work of art ever created.
Us crazy hippies way back then had VISIONS.. We could see this coming. 


That's what you get for pretending the danger's not real.
Meek and obedient you follow the leader
Down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel.
What a surprise!
A look of terminal shock in your eyes.
Now things are really what they seem.
No, this is not a bad dream.

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want
He makes me down to lie
Through pastures green 
He leadeth me the silent waters by.
With bright knives He releaseth my soul.
He maketh me to hang on hooks in high places.
He converteth me to lamb cutlets,
For lo, He hath great power, and great hunger.



People think I have some sort of secret I am keeping to myself.. LOLOL.. A secret yes but I have been loud and clear talking about it all along.  The number one thing is to avoid is BELIEFS.. When a person operates without beliefs THEN and ONLY then can one SEE. 
Beliefs are assumptions.  BELIEFS ARE LIES WE TELL OURSELVES. 


So if we just SEE what is going on around us a few things are obvious. 

The paper currency part of the equation is paper thin.  Completive devaluation masks this problem as one piece of shit is measured with another.. The old stand by gold has it's own problems as BELIEF seems to intrude there also in the creation of paper gold as being something real.. one day soon the paper and physical will disconnect for good. At an extreme it could be the GLD etf will be zero and the real metal 100K.. After yesterday it is now more than just possible. ..  
At one point in what seems the distant past real estate now was a good measure of real value too.. That value will take a LONG while to come back to whatever relative it should be because real estate became a paper value only due to unwise credit creation. .. 

The same is true of various other commodities to a lesser extent.. Paper leverage can bully the prices at least enough to force price moves for periods of time.. When time is up then a MAY SEVENTH comes along. 

Lets be Clear.. the root of the problem is the notional value of the derivatives outstanding is many times the value of the entire earth. Those who created this problem are the enemies of humanity.

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BORG-like Shift from Psychosis to Death by the Controllers by Rhitt. AstroEconomist *LINK* *PIC*
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