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Hidden meanings in the movie, "INCEPTION" by Zany Mystic *LINK* *PIC*

Note to all:
I meant to send only the link to Dr. Horowitz' detailed analysis of the movie, "Inception", and got carried away as it seemed there was a bit more which he didn't mention, for whatever reason.  Below is my "expanded version", just dashed off, and the link to HIS analysis, which is more technical and worth reading at the bottom. 
Lance/Zany Mystic
Further comments on the movie, "Inception"...
I would elaborate a bit here by tying in the esoteric symbol, the Dreidel.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dreidel
The best place to conceal esoteric information is right in front of us, as Holmes might say.  The Dreidel, a harmless child's toy, also represents the four directions, with the horizonal and vertical axes signifying UP and DOWN, "as above so below".  The plane is 3D.  From 3D humans have access to all 9 dimensions, from the 4th*.  It is the FOURTH which is blocked by the "Archons" and/or the Annunaki/Aryans, if you like.  Let's call them "slightly higher density polarized negative entities", regardless of their actual metaphoric names.  What's in a name... a rose still has thorns! 
Jay Weidner does a thorough analysis of Conscious Writers/Filmmakers, such as Stanley Kubrik, JRR Tolkien, etc., who are consciously aware of the meaning of their works; and that difference is intention.  We know higher forces work through everything, embedding frequencies "willy nilly" that are channeled through those who are not conscious.  When asked about their work, as Jay said in our recent show, "they display a level of ignorance" about their own creations.  This is the vital difference between Conscious Beings, which we are morphing into organically, and those who are asleep or unconscious.  This gameboard is about restoration.  Restoration to full consciousness - and beyond.
For Jay's excellent writings on this subject, check out his website here:  http://www.jayweidner.com/ 
G.I. Gurdjieff emphasizes the concept that man is not awake, and that only a fully conscious being can "do", have will and not be subject to the law of accident.  He makes the distinction between conscious art (in any field or endeavor) and unconsciousness.  Conscious works will always affect the participant in the same way:  objectively.  Unconscious works have a subjective interpretation and effect on the participant.  This is the main distinction we can use as a means to determine the subtle differences:  there are subtle fields in all things we can access.  These subtle realms require a tuning or attunement.  Again, the harmonics of frequencies, sound and light.  Layers of hidden meaning, (esoteric vs. exoteric) are acessible to all.  Tuning is in part a matter of focus, attention and intent.
In all my training over the decades, it is reiterated:  "The lower cannot see the higher".  In the movie Avatar, that might translate into the phrase, "I see you".  Amy Tan wrote a magnificent book, "The Joy Luck Club", from which the movie was made; she also uses this line:  "I see you".  It is a pivotal moment in the telling of the stories of Chinese women's enslavement and liberation.  She describes the suffering under a Patriarchy and liberation into balance.  IMBD info:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107282/  Amy Tan's site:  http://www.amytan.net/  Her book can be viewed as metaphor and archetype, two elements of a truly creative work that taps into the "subtle fields of information".  Now; is Amy conscious of her intention?  That, I cannot "see".  But her work is infused with conscious elements, and that we can all appreciate.  That is a distinction of resonance and discernment.
If the 4th "dimension" is blocked, which is a kind of cosmic umbrella, through which 5D through 9D and higher are designed to operate in physical realms, being non-physical, then those who control "the spice" control everything.  It would be easy to continue with the reasons behind death, nasty things on earth, etc., pulling from Michael Tellinger's work "Slave Species of God".  He is scheduled to be a guest on "A Fireside Chat With Zany Mystic" on the infamous date:  9/11.  Stay tuned... it should be fun!
The Dreidel wobbles.  This is obvious:  earth's wobble.  Earth is not meant to wobble, but was knocked off course by a "cosmic war", which left humanity traumatized and in a state of "Catatsrophobia", as told by Barbara Hand Clow in her book of that name.  The "course correction" of incoming energies, from the 9th wave which the Mayans seeded the meme for, is designed for all to "get" now.  It is a respiritualization of all matter, which "dropped in frequency" and has been maintained in a kind of "frequency barrier".  These frequency controls were created both to milk the energies of humans, like batteries, as well as to keep humans from infecting other dimensions and realities with reptilian-like patriarchical destructiveness.  Like copying a program which has a virus deeply embedded, the virus is replicated unless the hard drive is wiped clean.  Some believe the magnetic frequencies of Gaia will wipe our own "hard drives" clean, which is why the illusion pales in comparison with true Reality, whatever that Is.  Or, all of the above can be interpreted as metaphor and archetypes.  It's all good.
The spinning top in INCEPTION represents many levels and layers of meaning, more than just skimmed by me above.  Dr. Horowitz does an excellent job of navigating the various levels of meaning, and there is more to be gleaned from additional viewings.  My favorite moment is the end of the movie in the airport: going HOME.  There, secret glances are shared by those on the "inside" or esoteric "inner circle", who have literally gone into many lower frequencies simultaneously.  This is the "secret glance" of love, which allows the higher to operate in the lower; in this case to "save" those worlds in order to correct the impending takeover of the "megacorporation", a metaphor for light and dark "battles" raging today.  It is never seen in the movie, but we know about the attempts for a final enslavement of all humans, during this next shift - before it's "too late" for them to subvert this hologram. 
The "inner circle of humanity" recognizes others through frequency, regardless of walk of life or "positioning in the matrix".  This is an operation run invisibly from OUTSIDE the matrix.  Going Home represents the final shift to one's true spiritual families of light, in all dimensions of harmonics; higher vibrations/love (528) in unity consciousness, above, below and literally "everywhere and everynow".  Fill in the blanks here.  Going "home" can be interpreted as higher dimensional beings walking the earth today, who must INcarnate (there is no REincarnation if there is no time.  Exception: descending spirals which crystallize in lower frequencies) to live in the various dream worlds (this one included) with the final "kick"/baptism by water, pulling up ALL the densities/dimensions through LOVE.  This is just a brief "off the top of the head" first blush analysis, and if one wanted to dig deeper, it wouldn't be difficult to discover more "gems" hidden in plain sight.  Gee... if I actually put my "thinking cap" on, I'd be DANGEROUS!  LOL.
You Just Gotta Luvit!
Lance/Zany Mystic
Dr. Leonard Horowitz' inspiring "528 LOVE VIBRATION" interpretation here:
* Information on dimensions from Barbara Hand Clow's "Alchemy of Nine Dimensions". 
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Inception movie explained - Dr. Len Horowitz *LINK*
Hidden meanings in the movie, "INCEPTION" by Zany Mystic *LINK* *PIC*
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