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Cancer Cures *LINK*

FROM: http://drleonardcoldwell.com/


  • Your Mattress Could be Acting as a Cancer-Causing Radiation Antenna

    The rate of breast cancer in Western countries is 10 percent higher in the left breast than in the right. This also is true for the skin cancer melanoma...
  • Vitamin C puts the brakes on cancer cell growth

    Tumors with low vitamin C levels were found to contain more of a protein dubbed HIF-1 which helps cancer thrive and spread...
  • White button mushrooms enhance the immune system to fight infections and cancer

    Agricultural Research Service (ARS) funded studies have shown white button mushrooms enhance the activity of critical cells in the body's immune system...
  • Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts Stop the Spread of Breast and Other Cancers

    Scientists have discovered that broccoli and Brussels sprouts have the ability to stop the spread of cancer...
  • Cancer-causing strawberries – Buy organic only

    Think strawberries are expensive now? Wait until they start costing people their lives!
  • Poison Tap Water Exposed as Soft Kill Weapon

    If water fluoridation truly is a killer, then why is it still being added to the water supply?
  • Omega 3s reduce risk of colon cancer

    A study released by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has found that high omega-3 consumption helps to prevent colon cancer...
  • Fish oil reduces risk of breast cancer by a third

    Scientists have discovered that fish oil can slash the chance a woman will get breast cancer by approximately a third...
  • Rats fed junk food pass down cancer risk through multiple generations of offspring

    What you eat can affect your children's and grandchildren's health, even if they eat healthy themselves...
  • Widespread male infertility sweeping the globe

    According to reports, nearly 20 percent of men between the ages of 18 and 25 have sperm counts that are abnormally low...
  • Sunlight alone does not cause skin cancer: The truth you’ve never been told

    We've all been told that sunlight causes skin cancer. This message has been drilled into our heads for so long that most people actually believe it...
  • Industry Funded Cell Phone Study Ignores Evidence, Whitewashes Results

    Six of eight Interphone studies found increased risks of glioma, the most common brain tumor, with one study finding a 39 per cent increase...
  • 95 percent of “preventive” mastectomies offer no benefit, study finds

    A new study shows that the increasingly popular practice of "preventive mastectomy" in non-cancerous breasts provides no benefit to the vast majority of women...
  • No One Ever Dies of Cancer: The Shocking Truth

    In my opinion, doctors are more afraid of cancer than patients are. That’s because they know that chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are NOT the answer to cancer...
  • Your Car AC could kill you

    Do NOT turn on A/C as soon as you enter the car!
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