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The "MAD MAX" tells it like it IS!! :D *PIC*

["...with Obama there is nobody home... There is nobody at the helm of the ship. It’s running wild with no leadership whatsoever..."]

They installed a "token" black man in the White House as probably the final POTUS for the history revisionaries to ruminate over, then regurgitate to our assumed future posterity...

["The United States will do to Israel what they did to South Vietnam, which is to say that they will abandon Israel."]

I think that was part of "The Plan" before Israel even became a State -- to use Israel and the Jews in the Middle East to set up their phony "Armageddon" scenario so they could usher in the New World Order with their phony "Messiah"...

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MAX KEISER Interview: "America: a walking dead-zombie country" *LINK* *PIC*
But what Max says about Obama is correct.
The "MAD MAX" tells it like it IS!! :D *PIC*
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