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bear Medicinewalker makes it with a chicken

















that video was recorded via phone though the photos I put together from 




bear medicinewalker's visit with her friend Patty who discovers the fairies in my yard for the first time.




after over 10 years THE BEAR suprises me from michigan




we had been doing ritual ceremony via phone and computer these 10 years




I would not answer the door knowing she was there, pissed




till she called me OPEN THE DOOR YOU OLD CRONE"














BridgingWisdom | July 15, 2010 bear Medicinewalker and BrightlightsPathfinders are devoted to the healings of the universe, utelizing their shamanism up until July 13,1- when first meeting face to face they have been doing ritual and ceremony via phone lines, neither seeing what the others alter consist of. This video is a combination of the intense prayer warrior ritual and ceremony for our children and their children to come as with all our family and relations, inserted is brightlightspathfinders returning from sabbatical the closing of her sabbatical which was on feb 23, 10 Patty took the photos during the setting up of the alter however no movies are displayed nor taken during the 90 minute rituals ceremony of the intensity of cleansing of cathy 'tassy' hill cook's raintree home. Patty has never witnessed such a calling of all spiritual beings of light as this video shows you her seeing the lightening fairies ... take special note of the bear and patty and the spirit fairy above the raintree home on the deck at the setting of the sun. patty did not see one has to truly use the third eye as well as "THE KNOWING" to see the lightening (after a storm) fairies in which live within brightlightspathfinders home. BELIEVE FAITH HOPE AND THE KNOWING EVOLVE WITH US On our journey seekers as we are reachinbeyond brightest_rainbows this is by: http://positivepowerproductions.com Bridging Wisdom Birth and Meaning of the 4 Winds August 16, 2009 by bridgingwisdom 2 Votes Whispering winds of the western sky Medicine Walker sitting reverently now just as together she knows each path crossings have met. So vibrant with cascading in spirals of wonderment, sets the Medicines wheel's path Sacred of Four cardinal directions with resenting a color for vision of its eternal fire. Drawing the circle of life is the winds directions cry, as each to one of their own soulfully echo of its wind born high. Black is my color born first though spirit comes from death. Bear's medicine walks outward for the mighty peace to be summoned, in order for the west winds to calm and rest. Battling the fierce power of this north wind cycle Bear yearns to know more challenge the change leave the tree harvest now final. of the seasons is autumn to color this world of black as mixing leaves of the fall in order to have life cycle come back. what changes the change in this winding winds exactly needed and what the world lacked. Tis' the north that has entered through this opening doors path, bringing Medicine Walker into her bear cave for a long winters nap. through the howling winds of the shill of winters snow flakes, coloring the world blue in a season of survival as the earth creatures wait. Storm growling cold breath her winds of medicine walks its path for winter winds survive. Bear took to the stars with as she bowed her head I will enter your house with a shrilling blast as I summon the west to be fed. WIth her loudest roar she opens her mouths cave, Feeding all Creators creatures with the newness that will Spring for newness is made. Colorings of red for medicine the bears walk after a long sleep is this wind power of new life east wind gave. With a Breath of heat spewed out the truest of pureness light of white, Medicine Walker the Bear heats up the earth with the winds of the South for courage of honor and power to share. This is the cycle of life in its endurance of renewal of life through the birth of change like the winds due to the power of the medicine walker's love within the greatest big dipper the bear shines for a Brightlights Pathfinders way best. Posted in Cathy Hill Cook, God, The Knowing, brightlightspathfinders, evolve, knowledge, oneness, poetry, universal, wisdom | Tagged 11:11, 4 winds, Bear, bear medicinewalker, Big Dipper, directions, full circle, healing, medicinewalker, Orion, Star, stars, Stone people, Stones | Leave a Commen

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bear Medicinewalker makes it with a chicken
I don't think the Chicken fared too well... :D *NM* *PIC*
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