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But what Max says about Obama is correct.

He's an evil sinner that even the Devil stays away from for fear of being "buggered".

.... and now... for a few comments by Max!

In the sense that Mr. Obama is something like a doppelganger of Mr. Bush during Katrina?

Much worse. At least with Bush you knew where he stood. I believe with Obama there is nobody home. He is a ghost. He doesn’t do anything. He is a Manshurian Candidate, he is a robot, he is nothing. He has done nothing, he is doing nothing, he will never do anything. Obama is just waiting to get a job at Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan in three or four years time and that’s it. The White House is a way to improve his resume. The BP oil spill revealed that America is running with no leadership at all. There is nobody at the helm of the ship. It’s running wild with no leadership whatsoever.

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MAX KEISER Interview: "America: a walking dead-zombie country" *LINK* *PIC*
But what Max says about Obama is correct.
The "MAD MAX" tells it like it IS!! :D *PIC*
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