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Re: board is acting funky plus give us thoughts (link fixed)

: we are being maliciously attacked by spam bots to our profile creation
: page and our signup pages. in the tnt posting database, we are
: continuously needing to rebuild. this is setting the counters to zero
: everytime. maybe someone wants to make sure no one knows the count?
: or? tnt scripts are being hacked more now than in the past, they tell
: me. let us know if the problems get out of hand.

: we can change to a new board anytime
: http://www.bbsradio.com/trustednewstrader/

: should we change over? or stay?

Zany here.

If changing over will put a stop to the spam bots, then I'd vote for a change. Besides, change is the only thing that is a constant.

If the new board is going to be hacked too, then it won't make a big difference. As long as it's just the COUNTERS that are reset, and not the actual text, no biggie.


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ADMIN! board is acting funky plus give us thoughts (link fixed)
I have your back... Don't go now. I need you right here. tnt news trader....( wispers)
Re: board is acting funky plus give us thoughts (link fixed)
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