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This made my day: Self-Consumed Wild Google-Blogger and Cranky NaZi-Lover hiring lil helpers for the FBeeEye. Yo my! If it's for her money ... aaah the shekels, maybe!? :D Strange Ladies Netting!

"the FBI won't sleep tonight"

"such a helping, caring person, she is"



If your finances are somewhat threadbare, you could do your country a major service AND improve your financial situation a great deal by providing information
on this asshole to the FBI, presumably without endangerment to yourself!

Adnan Shukrijumah is a wanted al Qaeda terrorist who was at one time suspected of planning a dirty bomb attack against the US. Shukrijumah was born in Saudi Arabia but raised in the US. At one time alerts were issued that he might try and cross into the US through Mexico. There is a $5 million reward for information on his whereabouts from the FBI.

So how's that porous Southern border working for you, Mr. Obama? You are a festering pustule on the ass of the United States!

Would you
now apply
for the FBI?

if you take the time to read the whole self-consumed savko-blog
you'll find an astonishing wealth of special words and special advice.
Probably part of the training to recruit lil helpers for these special services.

Methinks so!

Finally comes
Help for the Helpers
The Official Newsletter for Special Forces,
Snipers, Gripers and Desktop Vipers.

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