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Posted By: Gnostic
Date: Sunday, 8 March 2009, 12:56 p.m. As a little child expresses, Energy, Excitement and Trust, these are keys in allowing for opening up the way for your Angels. We are not alone, we are not separated from the hand of those that would offer guidance, and help in the time of need. All we have to do is release our pride and ego thinking we can solve all problems when the truth is most do not even understand what the problems even are and how most everyone due to this ignorance is part of creating them.

I am going to reveal a little story that occurred when I was in college. When I was a young man I had miracles follow me everywhere I went. People used to avoid me because they could not understand how these amazing events could occur so often. I believe jealousy was a root cause for this alienation, yet I never once held back the secret to these incredible events.

I was a strange teenager in the fact that all I would talk about is the miracles of God and how the divine angels will assist you in any way possible. I did not just talk about these events, I lived it. It was part of who I was and am. Even though I was inside a religious organization, I always stepped way beyond the church protocols and taught that each individual could access the power of the divine by right. No one was any less special than another, and all had the same ability to achieve what I had.

My friends, each of us has a guide and some have many guides that have been there since our birth. Each of us are watched over daily and are continuously given direction in our lives. Sadly though, most never know this as a fact, from the cradle to the grave the majority of the people have not been able to see that their life has a pattern and a spiritual counterpart and due to this unknowing they actually change their spiritual direction into something far less beneficial.

When I was a young child I knew about this guiding and loving hand even though the majority of the people I was around could not see or understand it. When I went to church and spoke about God the people thought I was odd and weird. They would reprimand me, saying that I do not have the right to be so specific about how Gods works in our lives. I would often be confused on how people that went to church, professed to know God and his angels, would scarcely ever talk about these things. Instead they desired to speak about mundane carnal things such as, what was work like this week etc...

When I was 19 years old a very dear friend of mind, which sadly I lost one year later to a horrible death, spoke with me at a family restaurant. This young man often saw the miracles follow me everywhere I went, and was in awe. I asked him one day why it was that the people seemed to despise me for trying to illuminate them on how to bring these great fortunes into their lives. I was amazed at his answer...

He said, "John, people everywhere talk about the same things as you do, but they do it in more of question than answer. When you speak it is as if you have the authority to know that these things are real. You do not speak about God as a question of hope, you speak about it all as if you truly KNOW God on a personal level. And this frightens people... When they see these miracles occur around you, they become agitated wondering why it does not occur with them. So their only response is you must be evil because why would God do things for you and not for them."

Of course I replied, and said, "Each person has the same direct access I do, each person can tap into this great omnipotent power as I am able. I do not believe I am any more special than anyone else, and have never taught so, the only difference is I have total trust in knowing, not of my abilities, but the powers beyond that watch over us.

My friend responded, "Exactly, and that is the problem, how can you trust something with so much feeling and assurance when most people can barely understand why it is that they even are."

I went on to say, that part of the problem lies in the fact that when people say they believe in a benevolent power they do not really believe it because their actions and fruits of their lives reveal this. Sure they go to church, sure they put on an appearance, sure they admit they believe in God, but they deny the power of this source for their own lives. Deep down the reality of it all is simply a vague concept that they believe no one can really understand. So they live their lives in sort of a darkness instead of being in the light and really seeing these things as reality.

My friend was there often when great things would occur and he experienced many of these hundreds of wonderful moments first hand. As an example, one day my friend and I took a little trip, we began driving from Las Cruces, New Mexico to Los Angeles California. He was driving, and the entire time I would speak of miracles. I was like a little child that tasted its first candy. There was no other subject I would rather speak about than this topic. Strange stuff for a 19 year old eh?

Along the way some amazing events occurred and one such event was when we got to Phoenix Arizona. I was really generated the excitement as a little child would speaking of the glorious things that could occur if one would simply believe and trust with all of their heart. As I was speaking my friend turned off Interstate 10 on one of the exits into Phoenix to get some gas. It was about 11PM and was very dark.

As he pulled off the Interstate and continued until we came to a stop light at the bottom of the exit. I never left stride in speaking of the powers that we have access to if we would only trust as a child trusts their own parents. Now as I am speaking, I am looking over to my friend while we were stopped at the light, and then I noticed he became really agitated. During this event I never left stride I continued to speak of miracles. At that very moment, he was staring in the rear view mirror and immediately he clutched the steering wheel and acted as if he was bracing himself against something. He said, Oh God... I turned around to look at what was happening and in a split second I saw this car slam into what appeared to be an invisible wall and the driver of the car flew against his windshield with great force.

This is all I saw... the car behind us was about to slam in the rear of our car but something stopped it. My friend said it appeared that this car was flying off the Interstate going about 80mph and there was no way that he could stop. The driver of the other car must have not realized we were braked for a stop light, and was piling on down upon us. According to my friend he stopped on a dime going full speed. All I heard was a tiny screech sound as if the tire was in a slide mode, but it lasted less than a fraction of a second. However I witnessed the guy fly into his own windshield as if he hit a brick walk. His car was right on our bumper but never touched us.

My friend after gaining his composure looked at me and said, "who the hell are you?"

I replied, I am no different than you... The only reason these things occur around me is became I know that it is a reality of fact. I trust in it as much as I could trust in anything. And when you begin to build this trust, then miracles begin to follow you around. You no longer have to ask for it, they are there as a side benefit to your entire life.

I went to a Theological college, and majored in Theology and computer science. Of course back then computers were not anything as they are today. Colleges back in those days could fill an entire room with a computer from the floor to the ceiling. We did not have monitors in those days we used terminal typewriters with dot matrix printers that were hot wired to the main computer in another room. We were lucky if the entire computer had 256K...

During my college years I began to study into Theology on my own beyond what was taught in class. I always was an independent thinker. I always stepped beyond the box. I realize that theology for the most part was limited to a certain creed of dogma for control rather than illumination. Yet it did not seem to benefit very many people in their own personal lives spiritually. During my college period, I also had to work full time. I was unable to get any loans or grants due to the fact that my dad was a minister. I still do not know why that would have limited me from getting grants. So I had to pay for college on the spot. Due to this, I was unable to take many credited classes, I was always working, which limited my time in class.

One year I became an assistant in the janitorial department. Our school prided itself on cleanliness and beauty so it was a difficult work. My boss at the time was the head of the entire department and had been for about 18 years. He was a hard worker and a very detailed man. I became his assistant. It happened to also be a major year for inspections. This particular time we were under the gun to have the cleanest school possible. So we were having to work extras hours to get the job done.

Obviously my mind was seldom on work. I was more interested in talking about miracles than working a mundane often thankless job. So when ever I had a chance and if someone would give me their ear, I would literally drills holes into them. One such person that would often give me their ear was my boss, which was kind of out of character. He was this gung ho type that was always working and looking for more work to do. He would have more been classed a workaholic than to stop and talk about anything for any length of time.

Yet something was very odd during this period, he loved talking with me. Nearly everyday we would see each other and he would desire to talk more about my favorite subject. At times we could literally kill a half hour and some time up to an hour just passing each other on the walkway and then I would go into my favorite topic. Often times to my surprise he would even comment that we should probably get back to work, but he would say, however this is way too important.

Pretty much the entire school year we would be locked into deep conversations about miracles and scarcely do I remember much work involved. At this one period I had the horrible task to clean the entire restroom facility in the combined Gymnasium and pool area. I was given the horrible duty of cleaning the shower rooms which had built up severe scum in the grouts and tiles. Now if anyone has ever done this you know what kind of job this was. It was a toothbrush type of job. I had two other workers that were under me, and this job was so huge we all had to work in the showers to prepare for inspection that was only a few of days off.

At this point in time I began to realize I was letting my work fail due to my constant need to speak about the powers of the divine. I did not want to a black mark put on my boss because the job failed to meet the high standards that were set. So this one particular day when I was issuing job orders to the others working with me, I divided the work load between the three of us for the morning and said let's get together about 1 pm and we will start on the showers. We knew this was going to take a two or three days because of how tedious the work was and how much there was.

Around 12:00 pm I went to the student center to get something to eat for lunch. Afterwards I left and began walking down the sidewalk back to the Gymnasium to clean the showers. Along the way I passed by my boss and lo and behold we got into a lengthy discussion once again. However this day was different. I really began to speak about how everyone had access to miracles if they would only trust. We spent over three hours in the same place just talking. And when I went to look at my watch, the day was already over, we had about 45 minutes left, and now we were only a couple of days away from inspection.

I told my boss that I needed to run due to the work still ahead of me. I said sorry for slowing things down. He looked at me and I was startled by his words. He said, I have never met anyone like you. He said we have professors here that do not understand what you know. And in my opinion, this is far more important for everyone than getting the job done.

I was literally blown away, I could not believe that this semi-workaholic and extremely detailed work focused man would allow the job to suffer for spiritual talk. However I was totally in agreement. I believed with my whole heart there was not one single thing in heaven or on earth that was more important than what we were discussing just because of its dynamic spiritual value.

As I went back to the gym, I realized we were not going to be able to get the work started that day, so I decided to make a full day of it for the next two days to get it done. I asked my co workers what they did while I was gone and they said we basically swept and cleaned cobwebs, and they wondered what happened to me.

What was about to happen amazed everyone... When I went back into the showers just to take a look at how much work was in front of us, I looked in and saw that the showers were sparkling. I turned my head away, and then turned to look again. I then went into the next set of showers, now these were very large showers, they could hold up to 8-10 people at a time. Once again the next shower room was glowing with sparkles. I took a closer examination and noticed that the grouts between the tiles were as clean as if it was brand new.

I stood there scratching my head and then I realized what had happened. But to make sure, I wanted to verify that my co workers did not do this, which I knew they didn't because it was humanly impossible to do the entire job in three hours, especially with only two people. So I called my co workers and said, did you guys do the showers? They said no we were waiting for you, and when you never showed up we just kept doing our other work. I then asked, have you guys gone into the shower rooms?

They replied, NO why, I said, take a look...

Their mouths almost hit the ground, they said who cleaned these showers? And I said I do not think you would believe it if I told you... I then found my boss and had him come into the shower area and asked him if these were clean enough. He looked with amazement and said, I have never seen the showers this clean, but when did you get to them.

I replied, I had not, that the showers were cleaned while we were talking on the pathway. He did not bat an eye, he did not even ask if the other guys cleaned it. He just said, obviously you have angels following you. And he walked away...

Two days later we received the highest praise of cleanliness. My boss told me that they received the best inspection that they had ever had in the 18 years he was working there. These type of events occurred all the time in my life. I just chose this one to demonstrate that the power is always there for everyone, even with a mundane dirty insignifcant job like cleaning shower grouts.

When you become as a little child and trust with your whole heart, and feel the power that shakes the heavens, nothing can be withheld from you. I wrote this article to let you know, even now in spite of all the negative news everywhere around. That if people would stop looking outward for their help and look inward, they would unleash the power of the universe within their own lives and aid in everyone else's.

Do not believe for one second that you have to be special. Do not believe for one second that you have to go to church, or this is something only ministers and priests get to tap into, or maybe you do not think you are deserving. My friends, there is no limit to the grand power if you would just believe that you have access to it and there are angels swarming around you ready to act on your behalf. Remember, we are children of the universe living in a very difficult realm. Each person is as special as the next one, and all it takes is for you to know this is true. If it can happen with me it can happen with anyone.

Forgive yourself, forgive others, and simply trust and then believe, and then make it your reality by filling your mind with this daily. It cannot fail you, because you are too important, only you can block the deliverance of this momentum, because you might believe what the outer is showing you rather than knowing the inner is really your guide. My friends it is real, there is nothing more real than this.

One day when I was speaking to the older brother of the friend I mentioned earlier, I was discussing once again about the power we can all access if we simply trusted. As I was speaking this individual pulled back in shock while staring at me. He said, oh my god,, I asked him what was wrong. He replied, there is this presence, a white glow surrounding your face. I stepped back and said, really? He said yes, you are glowing!

He then looked at me and said, YOU REALLY KNOW GOD! I replied, what is so strange about that, everyone can know God. He said, NO, I mean you really know him, other's talk about it, but you really know him.

I then replied, As much as I really know abou this power, SO CAN YOU REALLY KNOW...

All you have to do as a little child would is TRUST and BELIEVE and THEN KNOW.

If a 19 year old kid could know this and benefit from this simply by trusting as a little child, then why not you!

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