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The way to avoid a crisis in finance is to produce something productive that someone else wants. You can not make money from flipping money no matter how hard you try. When anyone shifts from productive capacity (as was started via the late Reagan-Clinton eras) to trying to make money simply by creating more money, that person, group, state is doomed. Once everyone around you figures out (if they didn't know all along) that you are just wanking and hoping...you are doomed. There has been no way of fixing this except eliminating the federal reserve, or in canada, bringing back the Bank of canada to fulfill its role.

I've read people bemoaning of precious metals on this board. With the limited amount (I get excited about buying 1 ounce of gold every once in awhile) of gold I've accumulated in my life I could go to ANY Asian country, any Muslim country and buy a decent house. They still (and how many of 'them' are there compared to 'us'?) use a commodity as currency rather than simply printing money. The GDP of the USA was supposed to be what the Treasury could print up, since the GDp would allow certain amount of taxes which in turn could be used to purchase more metals.

We've been pooched since 1913, there is no fix other than ousting the Fed 'reserve'. It could not have been fixed a few years ago without THIS fix.

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The present financial crisis could have been avoided in 2007 and 2008 with full G7 approval
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Rain on the gold parade?
Re: Rain on the gold parade?
Oh dear...
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