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MarkH on Success so far in US Financial Battle 3-7-09

Mark H Events Update Mar 8/09
MarkH on Success so far in US Financial Battle 3-7-09

There are many levels and layers of toxins and activities, especially involved with the financial system. There are networks of operatives and technologies involved.

In some cases its software applications that have been inplaced along with operatives, who perform many of the operations. These will all have to be removed without 'killing the patient'...that is why they now know that it will take two weeks to remove programs, people and change procedures once the system is shut down.

A new directive from Obama to all governmental departments has just been issued. It requires all Senior Executive Service appointees to sign a document prohibiting them from lobbying for at least 8 years or leave the gov't by the end of April.

A mass exodus of Bushites is expected to leave gov't. This was confirmed today by Mr X. I discussed this with my friend in the State Dept today.

She said that the lobbyists are up in arms over this as it has been a revolving door system where they come from industry to gov't and then return as lobbyists for those same industries they were involved in regulating.

Obama knows that he must end the lobbyist death grip on policies and programs. This is just the beginning of new procedures to remove the neo-con networks firmly embedded within the agencies.

A steady introduction of New Rules will come forth to correct these systemic problems. No new regulations will be approved until all the toxic changes Bush inserted during his last months in office are removed or cancelled.

The Bushites were busy beavers in making regulatory changes to tie Obama's hands. All those are surfacing and being dealt with as they surface.

Meetings being held by Leon Paneta are especially sensitive as they involve coverups by CIA agents of rogue practices. Obama is carefully working on ways to declassify projects that are toxic to our welfare and to end the coverup of galactic presence and of technology transfer agreements with various Negative ET groups.

The Black Ops folks in the agencies are trying to block all of these and others under various National Security Directives and Mr Paneta is receiving threats on his life if he persists in the direction he is headed.

He will continue with protection from KOS and the GF.

This is very serious business and many will have to be 'removed' before this achieves its objectives.

Most of this work can not be made public as it goes to the heart of the beast that most do not even know exists.

Be assured that actions are going forward 24/7. Nothing less than a complete transformation of these systems/networks is at stake.

As we have been told many times: By the time we can openly discuss these matters they will already have been resolved. Arrests will be quite massive and many 'standins' are involved to keep from alarming the public or disrupting the continuity of operations. No area will be left unchanged.

Obama will be going to Europe to 'summit' with the Queen and with G-20, the next day. They will undoubtedly try to wring out some way to maintain power and survive.

That seems highly unlikely a possibility as Q and G20 have resisted the Announcement of NESARA since the original meeting in the Hague in March of 1999.

Obama has his work cut out for him.

There is nothing that can save the old system. It must be allowed to crash as it is toxic to the core. $2000 Trillion in derivatives is still 'off the books' and choking the whole world economic system. That is 300% more than all the productive wealth of the world (GNP).

We may well have to see the temporary nationalization of the large banks so that their bankrupcy can be formally effected and all those derivatives written off the books of the banks, Insurance companies, hedge/pension funds.

$30 Trillion has already been lost in Stock/Bond Market values and we may have another 30-50% to go and that could happen during this next 3-5 weeks.

We can only keep breathing, moment to moment, and watch as this process unfolds. This is the point at which a domino effect can start and quickly spread throughout the world systems.

MarkHuber koran999@comcast.net

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