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What the American 'Old South' & the state of Israel may have in common...? :O

...BLATANT HYPOCRISY & DISTORTION OF the History Revisionists...I've read several books on the true history of the 'Old South' and I've seen the Documents.  While I don't approve of what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians in Gaza, I do know the whole truth has not been told and as long as the world cares more about its personal biases than it does about facts, the killing will continue...until there is no one left to kill...anywhere...

The following song by Randy Newman was never aired to the general public because it's about the Hypocrisy of the U.S. Government AND most Americans' biased views of Southerners.  The song also uses the word, "niggers" several times -- not to hurt black people who have been through their own hell in this life, but to point out a perfect example of the Lies the American people have been fed...perpetuating the neverending Hypocrisy...Same modus operandi regarding Israel...


Just another Hound from Hell...

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Breaking: One hour ago German Federal President Horst Koehler resigned. He dared to criticize the globalists, the bankster frauds and the war in Afghanistan, been director of IMF in WDC for 4 years. *PIC*
Confirmed: Criminal Zionist Terrorists enter Help-for-Gaza vessel and show again special qualities: sneaking in to cowardly kill civilians? Ezrahell's 'right to exist' based on violence and murder?
These bloodhounds from hell must bestopped!
What the American 'Old South' & the state of Israel may have in common...? :O
16 dead? Plainly: The zio-gangsters think because they are not stopped to kill Palestinians indiscriminately then they can kill anyone everywhere?
QUESTION: How many DEAD Bodies = a HOLOCAUST...or does it depend on whether those DEAD Bodies are JEWS or NON-JEWS? *NM*
Israeli Butchery at Sea by Gilad Atzmon
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