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DEEPWATER HORIZON: Smoking Gun of Another 9/11 ??? WATCH!!! *VID*

This VIDEO was sent to me by Striderus who received it from someone named 'Seawitch' on the Lady Ru's RumorBlog...See Comments by Striderus below...This is AMAZING!!!  (Striderus is busy working on something and said to go ahead and post it.)

COMMENTS from Striderus...

Ever hear of "Project Blue Beam"?   Here it is in action.  Look above the fire on the oil rig and see the blue beams shooting into the fire......there are two of them.   Then look below the oil rig on fire and see the two blue beams going to the bottom of the ocean.  They will never cap this leak.  These can be fired from a satellite....they were testing their equipment????
Looks like it was done by our government, another twin towers??

DEEPWATER HORIZON Moments After Explosion ~ Live Footage

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