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Election-Year Politics Derail Bid to Save Teachers' Jobs

- Congress bailed out Wall Street and the auto industry, but it appears to have drawn the line — at least for now — at rescuing teachers.   A Democratic plan to send $23 billion to the states to save the jobs of 100,000 to 300,000 public school teachers, librarians, counselors and other employees slated for layoffs looks dead for the time being.   Blame it on election-year politics. The anti-Washington, anti-spending mood has become so potent that even Democrats are antsy about helping teachers, one of their most long-standing and generous allies.
Webmaster's Commentary:
Teachers are going to find themselves more and more expendable to the Federal government.   In fact, that very cherished institution of free public education through high school in this country may well be completely privatized in the not too distant future, further widening the chasm between the prosperous and the very poor.   This will not be accidental; it will be design.

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But you won't be learnin bout dat stuff fer long.......... *LINK*
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