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Re: AMAZING POST and Information. Thank you!! *PIC*

I agree. I've read some of the more detailed reports from those listed, especially George Ure, Clif High and the most recent SHAPE report, which is WELL WORTH READING, Max Keiser (my favorite), Gerald Celente and others... remember, this is all a reflection of the "illusion".   None of what these folks are yakking about has a lot to do with the spiritual evolution of mankind, nor of the interconnectedness of everything.  

Barring those minor discrepancies, the world is so "out of balance" due to the elite (TPTB) sucking the lifeblood from any and all sources, that even they cannot escape the consequences of their many decades, if not thousands of years, of manipulations, distortions, lies and secrets.

Is it not TIME that we, who are "here now" in all our magnificence, spread our wings and speak our truth(s)?  Those who have the ability to percieve truth will, and those who cannot will continue to disintegrate into warring factions, while the masses unite in an upheaval of millions of years of abject slavery, abuse, and so much more deprivation which is designed to deprive any and all, (other than the elite).

Please, do not agree... begin to examine the truth for your Selves, and when you "see", with the 3rd eye, and your own HIGHER SENSES, you will come to  your SENSES, and be restored to Full Consciousness.   This is a JOYOUS process of RE-connecting to the heart of "all that is", and beyond.   Miracles have always been here... but now, we are the miracle.   Believe.  It is so.





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AMAZING POST and Information. Thank you!! *NM*
Re: AMAZING POST and Information. Thank you!! *PIC*
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