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Re: I just wish he wouldn't always be such a drama queen ~ ~ More people would listen! *LINK* *PIC*

Drummy, There are so many REAL HEROES right now, seen, known and unknown, that we cannot fathom the extent of all who are participating.   Those who are "supposed to" listen WILL, in spite of, or regardless of his bullhorn loudmouth delivery, because there is a higher frequency playing simultaneously.   Those who are supposed to "get it" through ALEX will.   The rest, are meant to find other sources of resonance as per one's pre-incarnational contract... or, part of one's essence.  It really does all work out.  No ONE person needs to be the ONE to delive THE message... remember what happened to the mythical hero, JESUS CHRIST!   Want more thorns, crucifixes or blood to spill?   Some do!   But WE can choose harmony, peace and LOVE.   And, we MUST... but, none can force a soul to be other than what it already IS.  So give up any attempt to "change another", because that is futile, and work on the you within which may require many different puzzle pieces, as do I, to form a whole.   Soon, that will all be IRRELEVANT.   Trust me...  I have a bridge to sell you!   LOL

It's an old "esoteric technique", though I'm not saying that Alex Jones is wise enough to be using it, to push people AWAY.  In that manner, only those who have a deep desire to hear, to ,to absorb like a sponge, then THINK for themselves, which is for the collective anyway, since what one does to oneself, to another, is all the same, we are in that transition PRIOR TO this being fact for all humanity connected at the heart.   We are all in this together, like it or not!   This was pre-ordained at the beginning of time itself.  So, struggle away... if you like.

Being gay, it's hard for me to be critical of someone else being a "drama queen", having known so many!   Most were delightfully colorful characters that are absolutely irreplaceable.   That remains to this day.   I have friends, some from other countries, such as Japan, in their 70's, with decades living with AIDS, yet painting spectacular collections of artwork, which are way ahead of their time... in addition to being able to make anything food-wise, in such a humble and gracious manner that one melts in the presence of such gifts.  The average person living life is MY HERO!   Those on the stage have their moments, per choice, but the unsung hero is you, me and our neighbor... along with the homeless person, those losing homes, loving families being torn apart from the Hoover sucking the life blood out of the "economy".

We will create a NEW economy based upon values that don't relate to material realms.  Imagine a "spiritual economy"... what might it look like, how may it begin..."  these things are all here, waiting for us to step up to the plate and  hit the saucer out of the park!

May we ALL learn how to be so giving to one another... everything happens as it needs to for reasons that are beyond MY comprehension.   I try to remain with the most local happenings, which are closer to my understanding... meaning, my own life is a metaphor for archetypes, such as Jung expressed, and myth, which Joseph Campbell had a nice handle on... of course, this is but the tip of the conscious iceberg.

Tallulah... where is your MINK in that lifeboat from the Titanic?   Here's a segment which is priceless to those who have eyes, ears and belly buttons to "see"....



Did y'all know that was said to be a setup, for the banking/elite, who knew they were sinking the ship all along, and invited in order to destroy those who would have opposed the corrupt and vile plans which the scumbags had figured out were necessary to arrive at the top of the Monopoly game.   Now what?   Everyone is going to LEAVE the game, having gotten BORED with it long ago... especially the pawns, the dying, the poor, the sick, the war torn, the abused, the sex slave, etc., until all that's left playing the game will be the King and Queen pins... forever and ever.. Amen.

Doesn't that sound extremely BORING?  They own the world, and all in it... the only game left for them is our SOULS!

There are trillions of dimensions, angles and mirrored balls to reflect our course... there is a global course, a national course, an individual course, and many that are almost corpses!

Don't wait too long to decide.

Or do.   It's all up to YOU! 








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I just wish he wouldn't always be such a drama queen ~ ~ More people would listen! *NM*
Re: I just wish he wouldn't always be such a drama queen ~ ~ More people would listen! *LINK* *PIC*
I do apologize for using a term so loosely .... The man raises my blood pressure in his delivery. Love you Zany! *NM*
Re: I do apologize for using a term so loosely .... The man raises my blood pressure in his delivery. Love you Zany! *PIC*
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