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Is it you, Baby?

cooome...cooome... cooome.....and
reeead....reeead....reeead....reeead :D

During his election campaign Obama repeated terms like CHANGE and
YES WE CAN. Now one might ask onself how does he try to fulfill his
promises? It's obvious.

    1. If you look at the fountain of oil opened in the Gulf of Mexico:
    More change than US would ever have expected. And more to come.

    2. If you see how much is not done that could/should have been done in time, one is flabbergasted by so much stubborn patience

"Yes we can ... WAIT!"
He can wait longer than US would ever have expected. So much perseverance! Yes, he can.


Obama is a man of truth and reliability. He stands to his words!

Obama is the Deep Brown Digger.

Look here's a rare photo of his early years.
Little genius has already learnt how to spell CHANGE - YES WE CAN
before his mother smelt the strong brown perfume
and she knew it was time to change brat's pampers.
Yes he can!

A rare picture from Obama's Motherly Line. Draconian nonchalance.

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DEEPWATER HORIZON: If It's Uncle Sam's TAR BABY...don't bother tryin' to send OBAMA down to the OIL PATCH to Investigate... :O
Is it you, Baby?
Follow the Strings... ;)
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