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..... my thoughts

That's why I never donated to his campaign again.  When Ron QUIT the race after taking all our money..... that was it for me ever donating again.  Do I like Ron Paul, despite that?  Absolutely.  I love the man...... he can do no wrong in my book (or very little, as he's always voted his heart and played by his conscience..... as history doth show).  However, his son has never been promoted by me... in any way.  Why? Because of just your sentiments.  I WILL NOT IGNORE AN ELEPHANT IN MY DAMN ROOM!  GOT IT?

I cannot play that game.  It's a game of lies and deciet for other men.  And it seems those that don't understand the true history behind it are doomed to repeat it.... and I feel Rand may be in that category.

I am not impressed by Ron Paul's son on those very specific issues. ........... and that deeply troubles me.  He's not his father, that's a fact. 

Too bad, too.

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Damn, Rand Paul is NOT a 'chip off the old block'
..... my thoughts
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