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Re: yes, my sister has a friend in real estate that lives there

Thank you for sharing this. My sister was involved on some large real estate projects in that area so she stays in touch with some people in that vicinity. There was slated to be a very large Green tech center for training in those industries, the plans included an electric car company having its manufacturing facility there and many other green technologies. Fortunately, none of it had been built, yet.

This real estate agent was telling my sister how many people had lost the thier homes and how people have been affected to the constant amount of quakes or aftershocks since the large event. These figures in the info you posted all look accurate to what she had informed my sister. My sister mentioned that it has not really been covered even in San Diego media.....a bit odd since it is only about two hours east of San Diego. 

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Re: yes, my sister has a friend in real estate that lives there
Unfortunately, it has come to a point that whatever is reported, we can almost assume the complete opposite to be truth. *NM*
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