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Very Insightful, but... :D *PICS* *VID*

...How come he didn't talk about Reincarnation and Hell?  Who really cares about T-Rex and the age of the earth?  Speaking of Hell, I had a Dream/Vision a couple of nights ago...God took me on a guided tour of Hell to show me why I want to avoid going there, even though it wasn't too bad -- mostly Hot & Boring.  He even showed me people who will be going there who haven't died yet...The 'Big Punishment' is that everyone who ends up going there has to spend all Eternity writing all the Sins they committed during their lifetime on a HUGE Blackboard each person is given upon his or her entrance there...Many people were writing away...some were trying to remember all the Sins they committed...

BTW, Dancer...towards the end of my I was leaving...I saw you there...God said, "That's Dancer who gave you so much trouble on TNT." 

You were going to get more Chalk...     




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Bill Hicks on the Bible, Jesus and the Fundamentalist Christians sorts of Baptists, PenteCostals like Palin and similar 'role models' *PIC*
Very Insightful, but... :D *PICS* *VID*
my my, my god, Dancer loves you, he's only posting for you, trying to save YOU from eternal fear and destructive misconceptions, you brilliant spirit of joke and smoke, you're on my scalar spectrum ;) *PIC*
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