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German Paper Reports CIA Counterfeiting US Currency *LINK*

The German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung is reporting that the CIA may be counterfeiting $50 and $100 bills to avoid congressional oversight of covert operations, while blaming the forgeries on North Korea.

Don't take this with a grain of salt, take it with one of those 25 pound salt licks. No one else in the world seems to be repeating this story and it was published sunday. On the other hand, Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung is a fairly respectable paper (info here) and, if it weren't for how far out their the story sounds and the fact that no one else is touching it, I'd probably believe it. Consider this story an illustration of how much damage the CIA's secret prisons in Europe and 'extraordinary rendition' progam have done to the US
reputation abroad -- we're now no more trustworthy than Kim Jong Il.


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Remember the MURDER of all those biologists and molecular scientists, etc? See I a *LINK* *PIC*
Yes, recall it quite well. Stumbled upon the duality of the term ISIS today.
German Paper Reports CIA Counterfeiting US Currency *LINK*
Agree to your conclusions. The FAZ from Frank(!)furt is known for its outspoken frankness. Otherwise a mouthpiece of liberal freemasons, in the capital of finance and Rothschild hometown.
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