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Message from Mars and Moon *PIC*

Chosen VooDoo Sadism?

Ritually swirling, abusing and cursing the WHITE chicken?
Loading their sins on the chicken to be beheaded and eaten?
Proof of stupid low life attitude and racist hatefull ritualistic symbolism?

The Chicken Shaggers Worship for Molech?

Helmut Kohl's aka Henoch Kohn's 'Mädchen'
a vile gift for Chancelleuse Murkelle?
the babylonian baalshevik bitch
a confused chicken witch?

Deep Neck CIRCUMCISION of Germany

in the planning by GoldMen Suckers?

better watch out
expect the unexpected

Hollow Costly Bagels

will be cut to pieces ...

... and replaced by sweet fresh
Wholly Filled Berliners

What did JFK say?

"Ich bin ein Berliner!"

Berliners back in town. Berlin April 2010

Feeling Irish Now?

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Senate Passes Wall Street Permanent Bailout Bill, It’s a Job Killer! *LINK*
It's a blank drawing right, a general tax to be paid to the FED supervised by the FED. A license to ruin the economy and the nation. Who IS the FED? Who OWNs the FED?
Who IS the FED? Who OWNs the FED? GOLDFINGER!!! :D *PIC* *VID*
Message from Mars and Moon *PIC*
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